Ella's Garden Plants from A to Z: Clematis Belle of Woking, Clematis

Common Name: Clematis

Family: Ranunculaceae

Genus: Clematis

Cultivar or Variety: Belle of Woking

Characteristics of Plant
Breeder: George Jackman & Son
Year: Early 1800's
Form: Double
Flower Diameter: 4-6"
Color: Multi-petaled blooms that start out mauve and age to a shimmery, silver lilac color and even pale gray.
Bloom Time: May, June, and September
Fragrant: Unknown
Vine Length: 5-7'
Pruning Type: 2
Zones: 4-11


Helpful hints:

Clematis like compost and appreciate mulch to keep the root zone cool, but be careful not to mulch too close to the stems.

Feeding your Clematis small doses of liquid Rose fertilizer not only improves plant health but produces more, and possible second flushes of blooms.

Pruning Type 2. Prune in the spring when the leaf buds start to swell. New blooms are produced on last season's stems. Prune the dead matter above the swelling bud.

Make sure if you are trellising or tying up your plant that you do not constrict the stems too much. Stems tied too tightly can become damaged and prevent future growth and blooming.

While Clematis need full sun to grow and bloom, the roots prefer well-drained soil that is kept cool with mulch or even a large rock placed over the area where the roots are growing.

Life Cycle

Attractive to Wildlife

(Image by poisondartfrog)
"Belle of Woking"
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(Image by poisondartfrog)
"Belle of Woking overlooking similarly hued Hesperis matronalis and Lunaria annua"

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