Ella's Garden Plants from A to Z: Stevia rebaudiana, Stevia, Sweet leaf, sweetleaf, sugarleaf

Common Name: Stevia, Sweet leaf, sweetleaf, sugarleaf

Genus: Stevia

Species: rebaudiana

Characteristics of Plant
This plant is an edible herb. It is a perennial in the South, but grown as an annual in the North. The plant can be grown indoors in a sunny window or outside.

It is used as a natural sugar sweetener. It can be eaten fresh off the plant or used in beverages and foods.

Germination of the seed for this plant is not easy. Viable seed is created from insects or the wind pollinating.

White, tan or light brown seeds are infertile. Sow seeds that are dark brown or black in color. Normally, this plant has low germination. Germination can be increased by starting the seed on moist paper towels in a baggy, that is kept warm at 70-75F in a sunny place. The seeds need the light that filters through the paper towel to germinate, so place seed only between one layer of paper towel.

When seedlings emerge, transfer to well draining potting mix and give plenty of light and warmth.

Life Cycle

Zone Hardiness up to
Zone 8
Zone 9

Endangered Species


When to Sow Seed
Early Spring
Mid Spring
Late Spring

Germination Temperature
70-80 F

Seed Needs Light to Germinate

Days to Germination
14-24 days

Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Part Sun/ Part Shade

Plant Height
1- 2 feet

Plant Form


Bloom Form
Above Foliage

Flower Color

Nutritional Needs


Reproduces By
Stem Fragments

Cutting Flower

Additional Uses

(Image by starlight1153)
"Stevia in bloom"
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