Ella's Garden Plants from A to Z: Lablab purpureus (formerly known as Dolichos lablab), Hyacinth Bean

Common Name: Hyacinth Bean

Genus: Lablab

Species: purpureus (formerly known as Dolichos lablab)

Characteristics of Plant
Ornamental plant that is also edible with proper care.

NOTE: The raw beans are poisonous. If eating them, boil them first for a long period of time and rinse several times with clean water before eating.

This vining plant produces light amethyst colored blooms that later turn to bright purple seed pods.

Life Cycle

Zone Hardiness up to
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9
Zone 10

Endangered Species


When to Sow Seed
Mid Spring
Late Spring

Germination Temperature
70-80 F

Seed Sowing Depth

Seed Needs Light to Germinate

Days to Germination
14-24 days

Sun Exposure
Full Sun

Plant Height
10 - 15 feet

Plant Form


Bloom Form
Above Foliage

Flower Color
Lt. Purple


Nutritional Needs


Reproduces By

Potential Hazzards or Invasiveness
Poisonous to Humans

Cutting Flower

Attractive to Wildlife

(Image by starlight1153)
"Hyacinth Bean on poles ... Image is "copyrighted" to Sorellina"
[ Comment ]

Posted by poisondartfrog on Dec 20, 2011 6:52 AM CST:
I agree. These are easy and rewarding to grow. If your soil is at all fertile, allow them plenty of room.
I would just add that if you have or are planning a Jeffersonian garden, you will want to include this plant.

Posted by starlight1153 on Dec 18, 2011 5:49 PM CST:
This post is quoted from Sorellina

Quoting:I want to put one more plug in for another ornamental "vegetable". I say this in quotes because in most of the world, Hyacinth Beans are not eaten for fear of being poisoned. They ARE edible in the flat pod stage, but not once the beans fill out completely. That scares a lot of people off, but they're quite popular in India. Anyway, for you flower people, this bean has a pole habit, so it's a great climber just as a sweet pea would be AND it's fragrant, AND it's beautiful, AND it is a HUGE hummingbird attractant

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