Ella's Garden Plants from A to Z: Salvia dorrii, Salvia dorrii subsp. incana, Desert Sage, Gray Ball Sage, Dorr's Sage

Common Name: Desert Sage, Gray Ball Sage, Dorr's Sage

Family: Lamiaceae

Genus: Salvia

Species: dorrii

Cultivar or Variety: Salvia dorrii subsp. incana

Characteristics of Plant
syn Salvia dorrii subsp. dorrii

There is some confusion on the internet about this plant's taxonomy. I was given seeds labeled Salvia incana Lutea (Lutea would indicate yellow flowers, not blue of the attributed parent species), but the specie epithet of incana for Salvia looks suspiciously outdated. Additionally, there is said to be a Salvia dorrii subsp. incana.

I hope it's all right to put this comment here, since even if we may not ascertain proper nomenclature for this one, as a possible subspecies of S. dorrii, there may be enough similarity to warrant this entry.

All details for this entry pertain to Salvia dorrii.

excellent bee plant
lovely, silvery felted leaves

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Characteristics: After successfully germinating in my garden from a Feb 2007 wintersowing, this plant suddenly & inexplicably wilted and died. It is known to prefer more arid, less humid conditions than Maryland's - perhaps I should have used more sand and/or vermiculite in the potting soil?

Life Cycle

Zone Hardiness up to
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9
Zone 10

Sun Exposure
Full Sun


Flower Color

Reproduces By
Stem Fragments

Attractive to Wildlife

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