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angiosperms, These are flowering plants that usually in a single flowering bloom have both male and female reproductive parts.
apical meristem-, The growing point at the very end tip of a root or a stem.
cotyledon, A leaf that develops inside the seed that helps provide nurishment and is generally the first leaf formation to sprout.
cyctoplasm-, Materials inside a cell, except for in the nucleus that may be organic or inorganic.
embryo sac, a large sac with eight nuclei in seven cells. It is considered the female gametophyte.
epidermal cells-, Cells that cover all the main body parts of a plant. The side of the cell outer wall that is exposed is covered with a layer of wax called a cuticle.
ground tissue, Composed mainly of thin-walled parenchyma cells that function in such uses for the plant as for storage, photsynthesis.
ovule-, A seed structure inside an ovary. Part of the female reproductive structures. When mature, the ovule will become a seed.
pollen grain, A binucleate microspore developed on the male reproductive part of a plant called the anther
suspensor-, In early cell divsion of seed development a set of cells forms an elongated structure from the embryo as a link to provide nitrients for the embyro
vascular tissue-, Tissues in the plant that are vessels conducting fluids in the plant cells.


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