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Oct 6, 2010 6:22 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Welcome to this years Hog Wild Seed Swap!! We hope to have another great year of fun, laughter, sharing, renewing old friendships and making new ones.

Below you will find the rules for this year. Whether your a returning piggy or a new little oinker, please take the time to read and review them as there may be changes from last year.

If you would like to join this years swap, you can sign up here.

This thread will be the official start of all trading, swapping. Make sure you go up to left hand corner of this thread and click the Watch this thread link.

This thread will be locked until the official opening of the swap at that time it will be unlocked and the fun begins. Thumbs up

The swap will officially start November 3, 2010 at 8pm est. time. and run til December 15th, 2010. With seed packets to me by December 20th, 2010.

During that time, as long as there are openings, folks may jump in and join in the swap.

New folks, don't feel overwhelmed. It may seem complicated, but it's not. It's not any different than doing any other seed trade, instead of you making one or two trades at a time, to pack and ship out, here your making just one. If at anytime you have questions, need help, or want to chat, feel free to ask. We all were new piggies at one time and somebody will be glad to help and direct you.

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Oct 6, 2010 11:46 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b

This is 2010 HOG WILD SEED SWAP, formerly know as the Fall Frenzy Piggy Swap.

This swap is a chance for folks to trade harvested seed, leftover seed hanging around, unused or leftover trade seeds. It is a chance to clean out your seed boxes and fridges, boxes hidden under the bed and fill them up with new treasures! It's the seed swap where just about anything goes. As long as it legal all types of seed from flowers to trees, veggies to herbs are welcome.

Besides fulfilling our own desires for swapping seed, fun and friendship, the Hog Wild Seed Swap also participates in another mission. That mission is to donate some of our seeds to Disaster Surviors to help rebuild their gardens and bring a bit of joy and laughter into their lives again.

Disaster Survivors are those folks who from the past year have had fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes , or other natural disasters and have lost their gardens and need to rebuild.

Disaster Surviors, it is our hope that you will please join in and allow us to share our extra seeds to help you rebuild your gardens. Survivors will not be required to contribute any seeds, but rather let regular swappers be their Piggy Seed Fairies. So, Survivors please let me know who you are, and let us know what kind of seeds you would like to have.

While we do try an accept every person in to this swap who would like to join, we do have to draw the line somewhere. There will be a limited number of spaces available for regular swappers. Please note: There is no limit on Disaster Survivors joining, but you must sign up, so we know your participating.

EVERYBODY MUST READ the details (below) on how this swap works. If you have questions, ask on the thread or cmail me or ask on any of the Hog Wild Swap thread and somebody will be glad to lend you a hand. It looks like a lot to read, but this is a huge swap with lots of different parts, but really is quite easy.

To join the swap, you must be a member of this cubit. If you aren’t already just click the join this cubit button on the right side of the thread. That all you have to do.

Everybody must sign up for the swap. To join the swap, everybody needs to sign up here

Participating Piggies from last year have an automatic spot, but must post to say they are participating again this year to secure their spots. In addition to last year’s participants, I will be starting the new members list at 30 folks to be accepted . This number may increase depending upon how many returning Piggies we have., so even if the slots are all filled, ask, you may still be admitted. There is no restriction on the number of Disaster Survivors participating. Survivors. Just let us know on the swap thread you’re here and participating.

The 2010 Hog Wild Seed Swap will run from November 3, 2010 at 8pm est. time. and run until December 15th, 2010. With seed packets to me by December 20th, 2010.

During that time, as long as there are openings, folks may jump in and join in the swap at anytime.

All seeds MUST be sent in by DECEMBER 20th. It is fine to send your seeds in earlier if you are done swapping or if you have schedule issues.
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Oct 6, 2010 11:50 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b

This is the general swap of “Oinked” seeds you ask for from folks. This part is for all participants and including Survivors. You go down through everybody’s list, see something you like, post on the forum to that person , and then send them a cmail too stating your request. You’ll get a cmail back from them of confirmation or check on the threads too, a s some folks just post confirmations on it for the seeds too. There is a 100-pack limit on “oinked” seeds going back to you.

Every person in the swap needs to have at least a start on their seed list and have it up before they can request seeds from other folks. Due to weather conditions and when seeds may be harvested and ready, lists are added to constantly.

This year instead of having one mile long thread with everybody list of seeds on it, a special Hog Wild Seed Trading database has been created for you. You can add, and edit it as much as you like. It has a place for you to list your seeds, your wishlist of want seeds, a place to help you keep track of who you sending what too and who sending what to you and also a place to tell me a bit about your garden and preferences for Part2 of this swap.

Just click on add a new entry to this database. Put in your screen name and add your entries. To find other people’s list just click on any screen name. If you need help just ask.

List your seeds and other information here:

IMPORTANT: Now although people are encouraged to be piggies and oink for anything they'd like, that what we all here for, I am reserving the right to cmail and warn anybody I feel is going overboard. It's fine to ask for lots of seeds, but it's not fine to just go down and ask somebody's whole list because you don't feel like looking them up to see if you really want those particular seeds. That is just not fair and deprives somebody who may really have wanted those seeds to lose out on having them. If you receive a warning from me and don't heed it, you may be asked to leave the swap.

Keep track of how many seeds you oinked for and that you have confirmation back on so you don’t go over the 100 packet limit in PART 1. If near the end, I see we still have plenty of seed available, than I will raise the limit, but until that time to be fair to everybody the limit starts at 100. You can keep track of seed coming to you on your database to help with the counts. A couple over is not a problem, just don’t want anybody going to hog wild. : )

Take your time in going through the seed lists. Make sure it what you really want. Use your 100 oinks wisely so that as seed is posted later you really want you'll be able to oink for it.

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Oct 6, 2010 12:04 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
PART 2 is called the Piggy Trough and is the One-for-One Trade section. It is up to you if you want to join part 2 or not. Your not required. In Part 1 you can oink for up to 100 packs of seeds. To enable you to get even more seeds you can also participate in Part 2 and get up too another 100 packets of seeds.

This is where loose seed packs are shared among the general swap folks and Survivors alike. Here you can send in extra seeds for a one to one trade. For example, if you send in 20 additional loose packs, you will get additional 20 packs besides what you have oinked for in Part 1. If you send in only one extra packet of seeds you’ll only get back one extra packet of seeds. If you send me 38 packets, you get back 38 packets, You send in an additional 100 packets, you get back an additional 100 packets which would mean you would be getting 200 packets back total from both Part 1 and 2.

If you send extra packets beyond 100, for Part 2, they will be shared out so that Disaster Survivors get plenty of seeds.

No more than 10 packets of the same cultivar of seed. In other words, for example.. don’t send me 20 packets of Marigold Durango for Part 2. Only 10 will count towards the one for one swap, but you can send 10 packs of Marigold Durango and say 10 packs of Marigold French Cream.

Make sure on your database spot that you fill in your wishlist and About my garden spot. It is from that information that I try to hunt through the masses of seeds to match up things for you. In this section it still a pot luck. I do the best I can for everybody with what comes in.

Part 3

is the bottom of the bucket seeds. Sometimes we have folks that send in seed for part two, but either don’t want any one to one seeds back, or just a limited amount. Any seed left at bottom of the feed bucket will be passed on to Survivors, and Survivor communities or any other charitable organization that will benefit from them. Let no seed go to waste! is our motto. : )
Oct 6, 2010 12:17 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
What you will be sending me when the swap closes.


1. Your seeds. Both the ones people have oinked for and your one-for one seeds if your participating in that part too, and any extras you may want to add to the trough. Since I need to send back as many packs as people send in, I need some help counting. LOL! On the baggies that are tagged for certain people, I would like the number of packs you've enclosed for that person written on the slip of paper with their name so that I don't have to go rooting through to count them.


You can send your seed to me in a bubbler mailer or in a box. Which ever way you chose. I highly recommend you put a confirmation sticker on your package.

Confirmation stickers cost 80 cent. With cutbacks and such in the postal service it is best to be on the safe side, then to have your seeds lost in the mail. So far we have been lucky every year and all package s have arrived. But there can always be a first time. One year we did have one that looked like an elephant sat on it and another one that looked like somebody put their fists through the box several times, but all seed were accounted for.

Until I have received your seeds, those you asked for will not be sent out, unless you can provide me with a confirmation number. Then when they do eventually arrive, I can just mail them individually to the participants.

2. Your real name and return address on a piece of paper.

3. Postage to return your mailer to you. Postage is $ 5.65. Everybody gets shipped back in a priority mail box with a delivery confirmation it. Even though some of you new folks will only be sending in a few seeds, as that is all you have for the swap, but you may be getting back 100’s of packets of seeds and in some cases bulbs too. These seeds/bulbs not only weigh, but so does all the baggies, wrap, the cute cards and decorations some folks make on their seed packets , and little odds and ends that folks send along to go into the Piggy buckets.

If anybody offers bulbs this year again, and you oink for them expect to pay more for postage.

Oct 6, 2010 1:08 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b

New to gardening? Just learning how to grow seeds? Worried that you don’t have many seeds or any seed s at all. Your welcome to join in the fun. You will receive back many more seeds than you send in, but you will be required to make an effort to send in something. If you have absolutely nothing to send in, you could buy a mega pack of a more unusual seed from a small seed house and divide it up into trade sized packages. Or, you could do the same with some inexpensive or bulk seed from the seed houses.
You can also go around to friend’s houses and see if they have any flowers with seed on that they would let you collect.

Seed Packets

You can package your seed up in baggies or make your own seed packets. The choice is yours.

Make sure all your seed is labeled.
Please put the following information at least:

Common Name
Scientific Name
Screen Name

If you can also put year and Zone.

On those folks sending loose packets for Part 2 of the swap, besides labeling them, please put your screen name on them. If they don't have your screen name on them, and I read what you like, you may find them coming right back to you. With thousands of seed to sort through and group, I can't remember every packet that was sent by who.

For the loose seed packs, which are packs for the general swap, not for a specific person, I will distribute these based on who I think will like them the best. I us e your Wish lists and you about my garden section on your Database entries. All seeds will be welcome, and if we have any left over that no regular swapper or survior wants, I'm sure folks on this thread will come up with some great ideas for their final home.

Old seed is fine and that a part of this swap, but check for viability.

*No Delphinium older than 2007
*No Larkspur older than 2007
* Here's a guide to seed viability:

Some seeds will last for years and years if properly kept. No problem with some older seed in the swap, but please, post that it is older.

Seed packets do not need to be a required amount. Some seed is harder to find and some is common. Some folks may only offer up three to five seeds if it one of the more rarer ones. If your only offering a few seeds, less than a regular trade of 20-25 seeds, please post it on your seed trading list.

A real time saver is to grab a box of cheapie snack baggies, sandwich baggies, or ziplocs, and as people sign up, write their name on the baggie or on a slip of paper inside the baggie. So you can easily drop in their requested seed and count the number of packets later. If you have seeds for each participant, you might need quite a few baggies.

Some seeds are premium seeds because they are rarer and "worth more". As loose packs of seeds come in, I will sort of separate those out and distribute them in a way that makes sense in terms of what people send in (or ask for, as in the case of survivors).

The last wrinkle is your wishlist! When you sign up, also post 10 things you'd like to have. These can be specific (Lupine 'White Snow') or vague (anything white for part shade). Try to be as specific as you can. Like any type Salvias or Echinacea. If you just put "anything for butterflies and hummers" or "anything for part shade", it hard on me. I am not familiar with all the plants around and don’t have time to look up every seed to see if for hummers or not.

Note: You will not be considered "in" the swap until this Wishlist is posted.

Some people have to work odd or late hours and may miss on out the seed they really have been Wishing for. This lets folks pull those seed off to the side and save them for you and fulfill your dreams where folks can.

How To "OINK " For Seed

For those who have not participated in the swap before, here is a guideline as to how to ask for seed.

You can look at folks seed lists which can be found here:

If you see something you like, you come back to this thread or the main thread we are on at the time. ( which will change to a new one about every 200 posts, so make sure ya click the " watch this thread" for each new thread to keep from getting lost ), and you put something like this:

"Star... I would like, or I oinking, or this piggy asking , ect..ect... for

Snapdragon Purple
Geranium Splish Splash

then send that person a cmail soon as ya can for the same request. It easy just to copy and paste your post in a cmail too. This is so that folks who may be to busy working or such to watch the chat threads at the moment can check their cmails and answer you back whether they have your seed or not and edit their lists as they get a chance.

And then you have folks like me who are mainly watching the threads and won't get to cmails right away to answer you whether they have the seed available still or not, but will answer right away on the threads and then your cmail later.

It also lets other folks see that if somebody has 3 packets available on their list and three people have already oinked for them, that they can cmail the person and see if they may still have some available or not.

Now some folks will not have their full lists all ready here as we begin, so you will want to watch the the swap thread, as maybe for example I will have 2 packs of some rare seed. Instead of putting it on my list, I may just put on swap thread something like this:

" I have 2 packets of Snail Vine"

then the first two piggies who oink for them, will get them and I will acknowledge on a post that I am putting them in their baggy.

Please try and keep your seed lists updated as soon as you can. That way you won't have piggies asking for things you already out of.

Remember it is a swap and it a first to the trough get served, so if ya play in the mud to long, you'll miss dinner calls. : ) If you miss out on getting something you really wanted, ask. Sometimes the person can break up a trade to share. If they can't do that , then put it on your want list. Ya never know what ya might find in your trough at the end of the swap. : )

You will find that there will be times as folks post that they posted their lists, or added to their lists, that oinking will be fast and furious, then there will be time s it will go slow, only to start the process all over again. Don't get discouraged. Just take your time and ask questions anytime you want too.

You will find that some of us with big lists will be breaking them down in small amounts at a time, so we can oink and answer cmails. Those of you with small list and new to the game, may want to just list one or two particular item up at a time til you get the hang of it. It won't take long though and you will be pushing shoulders with the best of the piggies. Rolling on the floor laughing

As you adjust available quantities or add to your list, simply edit your post. You may also want to use your post to make note of what seeds you have promised to whom. You can also add a listing of what seeds you have requested from other participants.

When you edit your post (especially if you've posted additional seeds), please tell everybody about it in the current swap thread so we know to come here for another look. :-)

This will give us an easy place to check for lists, updates, availability, etc. Having everybody's list in one place will save everybody having to update their list and re post it on each continuation thread.

We have a lot of folks this year. I hope everybody has a great time and a lot of fun. : )

Let’s all remember our manners towards one another. Shoving at the piggy trough, oinking at the top of your lungs, and wallowing in the mud together is permissible : ) ,... but disrespect on the threads will not be permitted. Anybody being disrespectful or otherwise misbehaving, I will ask to leave the swap.

I know we have a great bunch of people in the swap, but with so many folks, just have to make this point.

Those new to the swap, at anytime ya get lost, have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. There a lot of fantastic seasoned Piggies here who will be glad to help.

I usually forget some item or two, and reserve the right to add or edit as we go , but I think I have everything covered. Whistling


To Swap Lists:

To Sign up Threads:

Top Chat and Help Thread:

Be ready to yell Suuuuuuuueeee/eeeiiiiiiiii on Nov. 3 at 8 pm est when this thread will open and the swapping officially begins. Thumbs up

Edited to add, folks are welcome to see how the swap works and then join in at any point til the swap closes. Some folks come in at the beginning and some later ,depending on what happening in their live s at the time. So don't think that just because swap as started you can't get in. If you decide to join at anytime, just holler on the swap chat thread.

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Oct 6, 2010 1:56 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
List of Players

This list is added to as new folks join.

Returning Piggies *Currently 23

Bluespiral RECEIVED
BSGardens moved to survior
Carolyn22 Received
Critterologist Received
Danita Received
gardengus Received
Horntoad Received
huneybunch_2000 Received
KLStuart Received
Lebug Received
maozamom Received
mekos Received
mollymistsmith Received
nbgard Received
Patti1957 Patti1957
Perenniallyme Received
Ridesredmule Received
tcs1366 Received
Tuinkabouter Received

New Participants *currently 17

Anita /Diamond919 Received
Beyondthelimit Received
Chelle Received
Deebie Recived
Evelyn Received
joseph Received
Mistirose Received
mjsponies Received
ragtag Received
RickCorey Received
soilsandup Received
Sorellina Received
StephGTx Received
Steven Received
Taylor696 Received
wildflowers Received



**Love Package to TooFewAnimals **

**Love Package to Stormy**
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Oct 15, 2010 4:48 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Current chat thread and updates can be found here:
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Nov 3, 2010 8:57 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Hog Wild 2010 Seed Swap opens tonight at 8 pm est time.
Nov 3, 2010 6:00 PM CST
Name: Danita
GA Zone 7b/8
Oinking! Thanks!

Zinnia elegans Benary Giant Deep Red
Zinnia elegans Benary Giant Orange
Zinnia elegans Oklahoma Scarlet

Strictardia Vine (Stictocardia beraviensis)
Golden Tears (Dicentra Scandens)

Lobelia Cardinalis
Dahlia - Sunshine
Lagurus Ovatus
Pentas - Butterfly deep pink
Dahlia - Fireworks
Nov 3, 2010 6:01 PM CST
Name: aka GardenQuilts
Facebook, NGA
and the beloved Winston the pug
I would like to request the following seeds...

Le Bug: 'Tokajer' Blanket Flower Gaillardia x grandiflora,Geranium thunbergii 'Jester's Jacket'-variegated hardy geranium
Clematis integrifolia - nonclimbing clematis,'Oranges & Lemons' Blanket Flower Gaillardia x grandiflora, Salvia 'Subrotunda'

Mekos: Fraser Island fungus gnat eating plants, Hardy Hibiscus-yellow (old yella), Hardy Hibiscus-red, Dwarf Pink Fairy-Lupine, New Zealand Purple Castor Bean

tcs1366: Agastache -Tutti Fruit, Agastache -surprise mix, Aquilegia caerulea Colorado Columbine Blue & White (If I can split with ella), Lobelia Cardinalis - giant blue, zinnia - Green Envy
Here's Oinking at you!!!

Here's Oinking at you!!!
Nov 3, 2010 6:01 PM CST
Name: Tonya Rose
Blanco, TX
Suuueeee! Oinking for these please!
From Tuink:
Alonsoa meridionalis
Cleome hassleriana 'violet queen'
papaver somniferum 'seriously scarlet' (red dbl poppy)
tecoma stans 'orange bells'
wisteria sinensis

From KLStuart:
lobelia cardinalis
salvia 'yvonnes red'
anagallis monelli, blue pimpernell
cerinthe 'kiwi blue'
hardy geranium 'jester's jacket'

From Perenniallyme:
peach oriental poppy
potentilla nepalensis 'miss wilmot'
anchusa azurea
aquilegia origami red & white
aquilegia 'ruby port'
Nov 3, 2010 6:01 PM CST
Name: Kelly
Simpsonville, SC
Hi All! Snort, Snort, Oink!!!

TCS1366 (terese) I'd love to oink for :
Mexicana Purple Agastache
Agastache 'Tutti Fruitti'
Veronica spicata "Darwin's Blue"
Penstemon 'Mystica'

Starlight (ella) - Could I please have:
Rudbeckia Denver Daisy (from packet 1)
Sesame Sesamum orientale (from packet 3)
Aster 'Opus' (from packet 4)
Lisianthus Echo Yellow (from packet 5)
Lisianthus Tiramisu Double Violet (from packet 5)

Perenniallyme - I'd love to try:
Geranium renardii – (small packs of 10 or so)
Corydalis Ochroleuca
Digitalis laevigata
Monarda “Petite Delight” (just 2 small packs)

Nov 3, 2010 6:01 PM CST
Name: Danita
GA Zone 7b/8
Oinking again please! :)

Alstroemeria aurea 'Orange King'
Salvia involucrata
Salvia forskaohlei
Salvia purpurea
Salvia viscosa
Erythrina crista-galli
Dahlia coccinea
Phygelius 'Orange funfair'
Papaver rupifragum
Clerodendron paniculatum (Pagode-plant)
Symphyandra pendula
Nicotiana langsdorffi 'Green trumpets'
Acnistus australis
Abutilon mix
Digitalis trojana
Phygelius 'Snow queen'
Solanum seaforthianum
Adenophora triphylla
Telosma cordata
Allium cepa 'Red creole'
Penstemon serrulatus

'Scarlet Magic' Tassel Flower Emilia javanica
'Solitary Clematis' Clematis integrifolia
Foxglove ~ Primrose Carousel
'Yellow Star' Aquilegia chrysantha

Aristolochia littoralis
Tecoma stans Gold Star
Nov 3, 2010 6:01 PM CST
Name: Tonya Rose
Blanco, TX
Back at the trough! Purdy please!
From Tuink:
nicotiana alata 'domino red'
lycopersicum lycopersicon 'black russian'
cynoglossum amabile
lobelia erinus compacta 'crystal palace'
zinnia 'lilac queen'

From KLStuart:
kenaf tainung 2
browallia speciosa
linum perenne - blue flax
torenia- hot pink and white

From Starlight:
mesclun gourmet mix
zinnia 'fruit smoothie'
cerinthe major purpurascens
zinnia elegans 'peppermint stick'
bacopa utopia blue
Nov 3, 2010 6:02 PM CST
Name: Kelly
Simpsonville, SC
More oinks!! Snuffle, Snort!!!

LeBug - How about some slop in the lovely form of...
Salvia regeliana z 5-8
'Scarlet Magic' Tassel Flower Emilia javanica
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae 'New England Aster'
Maltese Cross ~ Lychnis Chalcedonica ~ 4 (What color?)
Hardy Geranium 'Jester's Jacket' thunbergii

MollyMistSmith - Oink! I'd love to try some of these!
Aster Novae angliae - New England Aster - 4 packs - purchased 2010

Nbgard - I would love some...
Linaria, Purple w/chaff

Nov 3, 2010 6:02 PM CST
Name: Sharon
Jamaica Plain, MA
Carolyn, oinking for your pulsatilla vulgaris rubra

Lea, oinking for your clematis integrifolia

Tcs, oinky for your agastache "pink pop" and the dark pink one - don't know the name
Nov 3, 2010 6:02 PM CST
Name: Michele Roth
N.E. Indiana

Oh please, please, please - These are the ones I want most of all! *****Oinking******** at my very loudest!

Giant Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia diversifolia (yellow tithonia)
Nepeta Pink Dreams
Yard Long Beans
Thyme ( Common)


Gotta have some of these Steven! I'm ****Oinking**** my little heart out!

Rudbeckia - Prarie Sun



I'm *****Oinking***** loudly for these! Grunt, snort! Heeheehee!

coconut scented geranium
zinnia, red spider
angelica, white
melissa officianalis, lemon balm
snakeroot, white tall

Nov 3, 2010 6:02 PM CST
Name: Carolyn Madden
Oinking from:

Digitalis Alba
Centaura Cynus Black Ball
Foxglove Candy Mountain
Nasturtiums Cherry Rose

Verbena Bonanriensis

Nov 3, 2010 6:02 PM CST
Name: Danita
GA Zone 7b/8
More oinking! :)

Drosera Sundews Fraser Island

Stokesia - Mary Gregory

Ascepias curassavica - Silky Gold
Agastaches mexicana
Cosmos Limara Lemon
Aquilegia Columbine McKana's Giant

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