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Feb 16, 2012 6:03 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
I don't know what I did. Maybe I beat myself up in my sleep or something. All I knew is a went to sleep one night and next day woke up and could barely move. Couldn't turn my neck, could move the back without pain nor lift arms or even to bend knees was a bummer.

I must have pinched something major that locked the whole body up. All I know is it hasn't felt good and I hate being bed ridden.

Andi... Ya know I still got a couple of them pine cones still tied around the trees. No putting peanut butter in them for me though. Learned my lesson on that trick.

BitBit... Congrats on your new babies. Hurray! What tomato are you wanting to see the most? I plan on starting a lot of different ones too, even just to get one good plant to get fruit and seed stock from.

Anita... With your Blue Shrimp. Don't panic if you see like white spots developing on the leaves. There are several types of the Shrimp plant and one makes spots on the top of the leaves. I start mine inside.

Feb 16, 2012 7:48 AM CST
Name: Ann
Rock Hill, SC (Zone7-8)
I didn't know you weren't feeling well, Ella, but I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Can you move your joints well enough to soak yourself in a nice long bath?

Glad you are feeling better, too, Kelly. (SJS told me that the two of you had been sick.) Maybe I'll have enough new varieties this year to share with you this year!

I can't find the link that Ella posted about the "wall of water". Could someone please tell me where it is?

I had to laugh at Winston, Andi, and commiserate with you at the same time! Did you get a photo of him in the middle of the seeds? I've had similar incidents. Lili, my little rescue dog is the main culprit, but 3 of my 4 kitties really love to rearrange the little ziplocs for me.

I've got a big group of wintersown containers going out today, and that may be the end of what I tackle this year in the way of perennials. I want to get some petunias and coleus started before the weekend is over. Then the cool weather veggies. I have so many little perennials that I've sprouted that I can't even list them all. It's only February...I hope they don't outgrow their little "greenhouses" before I can safely remove the lids. Anyone else in this situation?Thumb of 2012-02-16/ragtag/a4c34a
Thumb of 2012-02-16/ragtag/e31f9e
Feb 16, 2012 8:19 AM CST
Name: bit
Eastern VA and NC
Zone 7b/8a
Thanks guys Hurray!

Star, I don't know. There are so many good-looking ones in the mix that I haven't tried. I want to be able to can sauce this year, so the paste tomatoes are high on my list. Of course, I'm a sucker for unusual-looking tomatoes as well, so things like the Green Zebra and Snow White Cherry are up there. I really want one plant of each type so that I can experience them all Whistling

Tonight, I'm aiming for getting my peppers, eggplants, onions, and some early season herbs started. I made up the containers yesterday and tags the day before, so planting should be a small job - there's so little natural light after work right now that I have to do just a little bit at a time.
Feb 16, 2012 8:44 AM CST
Name: Ann
Rock Hill, SC (Zone7-8)
Forgot to say that... the first photo, Lili is checking out the packets of seeds that had just come in our piggy swap. the second photo, she's smacking her lips...maybe after a taste test?

Lili was a 2-year old rescue in January last year. She had heartworms and had recently had pups who were nowhere to be found. She was on her last day at the local pound. She's a real rascal...lots of terrier in her. 85 pound Tonto, mini poodle Rosie, and all 4 kitties love her and vice versa.
Feb 16, 2012 8:56 AM CST
Name: aka GardenQuilts
Facebook, NGA
and the beloved Winston the pug
I didn't get a picture of Winston, but you get the idea! He isn't interested in the seeds, he just knocked them over on his way to the desk. (The boxes are now wrapped in elastic so that they won't spill again). Pugs are such acrobats! I am amazed how agile he is and how far he can jump! He can also wiggle his way out of every harness that I have tried to date.

Winston makes sure to mark my wintersown containers outside. Maybe it will keep the rodents away. He doesn't care about the rodents, but is always on guard against his arch enemy - the neighbor's Pomeranian.

I am getting wheatgrass sprouts. Bella the cat will be pleased once they are sturdy enough to share with her. She has nibbled her potted oats to the ground. She loves her plants. She has some regular grass to play with until the wheat grows some more. She doesn't eat it as quickly as the oats or wheat. As long as she has her own plant to play with, she leaves mine alone.

We are expecting slush - rain and snow- today, but it will be warmer this weekend. I am hoping to get some gardening and late wintersowing done this weekend. I want to try wintersowing some veggies like tomatoes this year. I don't have much room to start seeds indoors and get impatient carrying trays of seedlings inside and outside to harden them off in spring.
Feb 16, 2012 9:34 AM CST
Name: Michele Roth
N.E. Indiana
ragtag wrote:

I can't find the link that Ella posted about the "wall of water". Could someone please tell me where it is?

Her ya go. Smiling

Ella. Group hug
Feb 16, 2012 9:42 AM CST
Name: aka GardenQuilts
Facebook, NGA
and the beloved Winston the pug
ragtag, Lili is adorable. I love terriers especially Westies. My beloved late Westie, Tiffany, loved Soybeans but otherwise left my seeds and seedlings alone.

I agreed to foster Winston after several Westie adoptions fell thru. Since I had experience with dogs with food allergies - although none as severe as Winstons- I agreed. I fell in love with the little guy. I adopted him and have had him for a year in january. He is so much happier and healthier that he is like a different dog! He used to be afraid of strangers, especially men. He still barks at strangers when we are outside gardening, but he looks forward to seeing his friends.
Feb 16, 2012 10:35 AM CST
Name: Misti
Fate, TX
I would like to replace a couple of loropetalum I lost last winter. Anyone have seeds?
Feb 16, 2012 12:15 PM CST
Name: Anita Crusoe
Love forgives all wrongs.
Thanks Ella, my seeds are soaking will be planting tomorrow. I'm glad you're feeling better.
Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.
Feb 16, 2012 7:07 PM CST
Name: Ann
Rock Hill, SC (Zone7-8)
Thanks, Andi. Yes, Lili is a wonderful little dog! I, too, had Westies...Molly, who lived to be 16, and Muffy, who had to have open heart surgery when she was 7 months old. Even after that she wasn't expected to live a long life. She had a massive heart attack and died suddenly when she was 7. Also had 3 Scotties...Duffy (McDuff), Schilling, and Scruffy. Each of them lived until she was 12. Had one Cairn (Mr. Whiskers) who died of cancer at 3. As much as I love my other dogs (and all dogs, I've had more terriers than any other breed.
Feb 16, 2012 8:43 PM CST
Name: LeBug 6b
Greenville, In.
Poor Winston having rations and sounds like momma might be too Rolling on the floor laughing Been there a few times down to the last and no grocery store for a few days Smiling

What is it with pets and seeds they love to get in the middle of them Rolling on the floor laughing

Oh Ella hope everything is back to normal soon and you did that soak in the tub Group hug

Thanks Joseph for the instructions I may try those for next year I saved the links in my favs too Big Grin

I sure wish I knew what kind of weather we are going to be having later on I want to WS a few more jugs but so afraid spring is going to come so early this year this winter has been so very strange it's suppose to be beautiful tomorrow and Saturday after having snow twice this week and temps down in the teens! Crazy Weather this year! Think Sat. it's suppose to get up to 60?

If I have sprouts coming up now I'm afraid they will freeze the last of March It's just been too warm off and on to WS anything...oh yes I wanted to try WS tomatoes and peppers this year too Smiling
Feb 17, 2012 7:24 AM CST
Name: Ann
Rock Hill, SC (Zone7-8)
Thanks, Chelle, for the link...I'm sort of fascinated by the "wall of water". I shouldn't even think about yet another project.
Feb 18, 2012 2:32 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Just popping in quick to pop out. Almost forgot to turn puter off and we under some severe weather and supposed to be having 60-70mph winds coming and we under flood warnings now.

Seen some folks are getting tons of snow, so hope everybody stays safe. be back when storms are over. Soon as the storms end we drop back down into the 20's again.

Be safe everybody and hope your babies are too. Group hug

Feb 18, 2012 3:24 PM CST
Name: Critter (Jill)
You be safe, too, Star!

Winter is supposed to be back tomorrow, but today it's more like early spring out there. Joyanna helped me winter sow some seeds this afternoon, including a couple of extras that people put in just for her (thank you! she was enchanted). Her little hand fits just right down into a 2 liter plastic bottle to pat-pat-pat the seeds into the soil!

I'm not taping or twist-tying the tops this year, just cutting most of the way around so I leave a "hinge" and letting the top snap back into place over the bottom of the bottle/jug. That seems to be protection enough, and I think it helps if rain can get in around the edges as well as through the little opening on top. If I put a plant tag on the edge opposite the hinge & let it stick up a couple inches, that helps hold the top in position.
Circles of Support for Breast Cancer
I'm learning to dance in the rain! Thank you, Sally & Chris & Sharon.
Feb 19, 2012 1:41 AM CST
Name: Dianne
Sacramento, CA, zone 9a
Gosh, Star - you sure are having your share of stormy weather this year. Hope you don't have to go out for anything.

Jill - I used tape last year, and it did not work out very well. The tape stopped working after opening and closing a few times. I am trying wire this year. Puncture two small holes with a hot pointy ice pick, and twist a 3" wire around the top hole, and make a 'v" to tuck into the bottom hole. Last Halloween, some folks decorated the dance studio with branches and tied them with these green wires. They were going to throw them away, but I salvaged them and was trying to figure out what to use them for. So, I read the above hint somewhere, and am trying it out. Will see how well that works......because, despite my vow to plant 20 milkjugs last weekend, I did "ZERO". Rolling on the floor laughing

To my credit though, I did direct sow about 10 different seeds - papavers, larkspur, clarkias, lettuce, baptista, sweet peas, and California poppies..

But, tonight, I got my jugs numbered (at about 7 different places because by the time i got around to planting some of the seedlings last year, half of my numbers written with a black sharpie had faded). I don't have any plant labels on hand to stick inside the jugs, so will have to depend on numbering the jugs to keep track of what I will be planting in them. i need to take a photo of two of the surviving unknown seedling jugs to see if any of you recognize them. This time, I AM going to plant those first 20 jugs......repeating a few more times here..... Whistling
Feb 19, 2012 6:51 AM CST
Name: Michele Roth
N.E. Indiana
soilsandup wrote:

But, tonight, I got my jugs numbered (at about 7 different places because by the time i got around to planting some of the seedlings last year, half of my numbers written with a black sharpie had faded). I don't have any plant labels on hand to stick inside the jugs, so will have to depend on numbering the jugs to keep track of what I will be planting in them.

I used pencil on Popsicle sticks in my jugs last year and it worked out just fine. I'm using the same this year.

So far I've sown -

Veronica gentianoides
Alaria petiolata
Papaver paeoniflorum "Candy Floss"
Veronica austriaca teucrium
Anemone baldensis
Papaver paeoniflorum "Black Peony"
Anemone patens wolfgangiana
Geranium phaeum samobor
Hydrophyllum virginianum - Virginia Waterleaf
Gentiana crinita - Fringed Gentian
Camassia scilloides - Wild Hyacinth
Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra - Yellow Ox-eye
Geranium Jester's Jacket
Hypericum androsaemum - Albury Purple
Primula Japonica
Penstemon barbatus - Cambridge Mix
Illinois Bundleflower
Camassia leichtlinii - Greater Camas
Gentiana Quinquefolia - Stiff Gentian
Guara coccinea - Scarlet Guara
Geum Triflorum - Prairie Smoke
Iris Missouriensis (transferred outdoors from 3 weeks of heat treatment)

Geranium renardii
Pandorea jasminoides - Variegated Bower Vine
Hellebore - Metallic Blue Lady
Poppy - Drama Queen
Salvia nemerosa - Caradonna
Eschscholzia CA. Poppy - White
Gentiana asclepiadea - Upright Blue
Geranium macrorrhizum spessart
Penstemon - Electric Blue
Aruncus dioicus
Shirley Poppies
Teucrium hircanicum
Salvia coccinea - Coral Nymph with white
Berlandiara lyrata - Chocolate Daisy
Maximillian Sunflower
Achillea ptarmica nana compacta
Dactylhoriza fuchsii
Prunella vulgaris - Heal All
Mecanopsis Lingholm - Blue Poppy
Tanacetum parthenium
Achillea ptarmica - The Pearl
Salvia nemerosa
Salvia uliginosa - Bog Sage
Orlaya grandiflora - White Lace Flower

Geum coccineum - reddish/orange
Delphinium consolida - Parisian Pink Larkspur
Verbena bonariensis
Muscari azureum
Clematis alpina - Blue
Echinacea tennessensis
Verbena hastata - Alba
Papaver somniferum - Danish Flag
CA. poppy - Thai Silk Milkmaid
CA. poppy - Thai Silk Appleblossom Bush
Corydalis Nobilis
Micromeria Thymifolia
Dephinium ajacis - Kingsize Scarlet
Monarda punctata
Stachys recta
Gentiana andrewsii - Closed Gentian
Papaver somniferum - Single Scarlet
CA. poppy - Thai Silk Pink Champagne
Papaver paeoniflorum - Flemish Antique
Papaver somniferum - Pepperbox
Penstemon mexicale - Sunburst Colors
Salvia - Red Noid

Phlomis russeliana
Aquilegia clematifolia
Scutelaria incana
Trollius ledebourii
Blackberry Lily
Onobrychis viciifolia
Lupinus agustifolius
Ribes rubrum alba
Callirhoe involucrata - Winecups

Asclepias incarnata - Milkmaid White
Mache macholong - Cornsalad
Inula helenium - Elcampane
Lavendula - Sancho Panza
Echinacea purpurea - White Swan
Hollyhock - Burgundy
Anemone sylvestris - Madonna Snowdrop
Clarkia Amonea - Aurora
Verbena hastata rosea - Pink Vervain
verbena hastata - Blue Vervain
Pak Choi

Whew! I think these are most of the *need to get out early* seeds.

>Sure do hope that you're okay, Ella. Group hug

>Critter, it sounds like Joyanna's having a blast! How fun!
Feb 19, 2012 7:43 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Whew, this thread is getting miles long, sooooooo....

Grab your seeds and containers and jump to here:

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