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Oct 4, 2014 6:02 AM CST
I've lived through droughts in CA and this one sounds so much worse!
I'm scared for you all - especially my friends in the Sierra.
Oct 4, 2014 5:59 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Glad to see everybody made it through the rain storms. Heck, it thundered here, high winds and some rain. Parts of town got a bunch but here at home I had to go out a few hours later and water everything. Top of ground barely had 1/4" of wetness to it.

Soils.... I feel so bad for you folks. Everyday the news here tells about how dry you are and so many fires. When they show the maps it almost looks like the whole state is one giant fireball. I know I just keep hoping ya all stay safe and your homes do too.

It's been cold and blustery here since last night and all day. I thought we was gonna be chasing tents at the market. Seems strange to see everybody go from shorts and tee shirts to jackets and sweats almost overnight. Gonna be popsicle weather come morning.

Oct 5, 2014 4:20 PM CST
Name: greene
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Oh, I froze my toes last night.

Yesterday was our local plant swap. I only took a few plants home with me -
one is a hybrid Fatshedera that looks very healthy and possibly aggressive; and a lovely pale pink Salvia plant and several cuttings for an edible-leaf sweet potato vine.

I concentrated (okay, I was a Piggy) on the seed table where I picked up Profusion Zinnia (color unknown), Purple Coneflower, Marigold, Melampodium and seeds for pink Salvia. Some of these I will pack for the Piggy Swap because they come from trusted local gardeners who have always provided good seed in the past.

And I responded to a flyer on the food table and was able to take home a lovely, slightly used chicken coop just large enough for about 3 chickens. Thumbs up
Oct 6, 2014 1:08 PM CST
Name: Rick Corey
Pacific NorthWet Zone 8a
Here is my "Readers Digest" version of the swap, although I see my "digest" has grown a lot in length as I typed it!

New Piggies:
Sign up for Cubits, join Ella's Garden, sign up for the Swap.

Signup for free Cubits membership: :

Join Ella's Garden: &

2014 Rules & Sign-Up List:

Probably also "Watch" the chat thread. It will have good advice and is a good place to ask for database help and socialize.

Create your database with a Have List and a Wish List. I learned to split and COUNT my packets before offering more than I have.
ALL 2014 databases:

Remember, every time, to hit “SAVE MY CHANGES” at the bottom of the database page.
The Chat Thread is a good place to get clarifications and help.

I keep my Have List and OUTGOING SWAPS list on my own computer as Word docs so i can back them up and not lose them.
Then I update the database by copy-pasting the whole thing at once.


Readers Digest of Rules:

First part: oink for up to 8 packets per day.
(That is 8 packets per OinkER per day.
You can't oink for 8 packets from Piggy #1 PLUS 8 packets from Piggy #2.)
Limit of 100 packets in the First Part, but Ella may increase that later in the thread, if we are good little piggies.

Unless granted permission from Ella, all seed requests must be posted on the Oinking threads before sending out Cmails requesting those seeds.
Return postage is $7 unless you're getting bulbs or something heavy.

The size of each seed packet depends or rarity, price and your preference. If sending less than 10 seeds in a packet, please post that on your database.

The seed offered up is for the participants in this swap only. Please do not be asking for seed for your friends. Instead, invite them to join

Always take disputes, disagreements, or any kind of hurt feelings to Cmail or Ella or one of the admins instead of arguing on the threads. We all intend and appreciate mutual respect and kindness, but different personality types and the limitations of text messages can cause misunderstandings. Resolving misunderstandings one-to-one keeps the public threads happy and pleasant. The rule is to be respectful at all times. Our usual standard of behavior is to be kind and considerate and understanding.

Oinking will start on November 10th, 2014
Oinking ends on or before December 10th, 2014.
Your box must be mailed to Ella by December 20th, 2014
Ella will mail them back around January.

Readers Digest of how to swap:

- Find seeds you want by looking at other Piggies databases (Have Lists).
- Post the request on the Oink threads so that rare seeds go out "first come, first served".
It's nice to BOLD the name you are requesting from so it's easier for them to see it.

- Send a Cmail to the "Have Piggy" repeating the request, so they are sure to see it! The oink thread gets very long, very fast.

- When you get a reply saying "you got it", probably write that down so you don't accidently oink for the same thing more than once.

You can add new seeds to your "Have LIst" at any time.
Mark seeds "OUT" in your Have List after you promise your last packet.
That prevents disappointments and wasted Oinks and It also keeps you from promising more than you have!

Check your Cmail frequently, like daily, for new oinks.
If two people ask for the last packet of something, check the order of requests in the Oink Thread. The earliest Oinker gets the seeds!

Subtract one packet from your Have List.
Probably list that person's name in your Have List, under that item, showing they've been promised that seed.
That way, you and people looking at your Have List know how many you have left to offer, and that you really did get their Oink recorded.
If that was your last packet of thqat type of seed, mark it "OUT".

Reply to the Cmail that requested it, so they know they GOT it.

Post on the Oink thread "Confirming these Oinks to there Piggies"

I personally keep a "double entry" doc of my "OUTGOING SEEDS", alphabetized by the person recieiving the seeds. When I sort out my outgoing seeds, I make up baggies using the alphabetical list of people's names. It helps, late in the swap, to Cmail individuals saying "here are the seeds I plan to send you, did I miss any?"

It's smart to start bagging up outgoing oinks even before you close your list. That way you are all ready to mail your box right after you close your list. I use one sandwich baggie for each person I'm sending to. I print my "OUTGOING SEEDS" List and cut it into strips, one strip for each person. That doc lists all the seeds going to each person, in one place.
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Oct 8, 2014 1:59 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Alrighty folks! This thread is getting long and as it getting time to start getting the 2014 Piggy Seed Swap underway, so I have started a new Piggy Seed Swap Chat thread.

Pick up your hooves, seeds, tools, snacks and anything else you think you might need and jump on over to here:

Make sure you click the Watch this Thread until you make an actual post on the thread, so you don't get lost. Hopefully I'll get everybody rounded up and into their new barn stalls safely. Hilarious!
Oct 29, 2014 5:01 AM CST
Name: Judy
Simpsonville , SC
Enjoyed reading about your garden in your database, curious about what kinds of tomatoes you're going to put in there.
Oct 29, 2014 6:06 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
SCbuttercup.... Your on the wrong thread sweetie. We on thread number #11. The link is in the post above yours. My last post. I don't have enough computer power this morning or I would re-copy it for you. You'll have to redo your post on that thread for it to be seen and responded too. Big Grin

Opps. Thought I had this thread locked. Will try again.

Make sure your on Thread number #11 folks for current chat. Thumbs up

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