Cottage Gardening forum: #11 Almost Piggy Seed Swap Time Chat Thread!!

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Oct 25, 2014 9:17 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Wid... That Forager's Harvest link was very good and very informative. Enjoyed reading and learning from it.

Joseph... Here's some more reading for you.

I know this one is from a vet library, but has good info:

I know when you first mentioned that you were going to be eating Dahlia's I was very skeptical and unsure about it, but after doing some research into it and also the chemical properties of it. I find that it is and can be an edible food one I wouldn't be afraid to try any more.

I fully understand your need to taste test the new and unusual cultivars. If somebody didn't nibble taste the foods somewhere along the way, we wouldn't have as many edibles as we do. I'm sure you know and do this, but for anybody else who may be new to foraging or thinking about adding new crops into their diets, and this is my thoughts, is always just start out with tiny bits of introduction to the system, check for any complications and if none, slowly add more over time, but anybody on meds or any any kind of medical issues, I would certainly do some research and especially check with docs and pharmaceutical professional folks.

When I am considering eating and entering something new into my diet, I will google the plant name and read about it. Than I google maybe something like so and so plant as an edible food and see what pops up and lastly than I googles scientific reports on the chemical structure of that plant. A lot of the articles require a padi subscription to read them , unless they have copies at some of the colleges for free, but from the text available on even google that small amount from folks and researchers is generally enough to get a good idea if something is edible or not and possible effects good or bad from eating it.

Greene... Thanks for that info and appreciate the thought, Smiling but when you have a good thing, you don't mess with it. We been handling longhaulers successfully for a long time. Not gonna make any changes and possibly cause major delays or lost packages to happen. Big Grin

Oct 26, 2014 6:31 AM CST
Name: Alana
If anyone is interested in receiving Passiflora incarnata seeds in this swap post here or c-mail me. Fresh seeds are best so I will harvest the fruits this week and put them in the veggie drawer for a while. We are supposed to get some very cold air next weekend, and although the weather liars (to borrow bluespiral's term) have not uttered the f-word yet the projected temperatures may mean frost. Angry
Oct 26, 2014 7:56 AM CST
Name: Jonna
Belgium, Europe
Alana, I would like to try the Passiflora incarnata
Oct 26, 2014 9:18 AM CST
Name: Patricia
Central TX 7b/8a
I'd like some Passiflora incarnata seeds too.
Oct 26, 2014 9:41 AM CST
Name: Alana
Okay Jonna and Patricia. That's at least two so I'll harvest a few fruits and list the seeds later in the swap or you can put them on your wish lists.
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Oct 26, 2014 10:13 AM CST
Name: Jill
NW Missouri
Me too, Alana. Please pick a few for me. Smiling
Oct 26, 2014 10:26 AM CST
Name: Misti
Fate, TX
I wouldnt mind a fruit or two myself Whistling
Oct 26, 2014 11:57 AM CST
Name: Christine
Northeast Texas, Zone 7b
I saw P. incarnata on someone's wish list but I don't remember who it was. I remember because I went to look for any fruits but it looks like the dear got it all. Rolling my eyes.
FAITH over fear!

Oct 26, 2014 1:37 PM CST
Name: Dianne
Sacramento, CA, zone 9a
I have it jump in on the ginkgo tales. Ginkgo nuts are used a lot on Chinese cooking. Though my mom buys most of hers, we do keep a lookout for fallen ginkgo nuts. They do smell horribly, but my mom's penchant for free stuff overrides that problem. We go to parks to gather the fruit, but you have to beat the critters to them. I made the mistake of using my van one time and the smell lingered for a long time. Best to put them in the trunk of the car until you get home. And user gloves to get the outer skin off.
Oct 26, 2014 2:49 PM CST
Name: Alana
Uh oh. The deer will get mine too. I'm off the next two days so I will gather some and refrigerate them. I will keep them in the fridge until almost time to mail to Ella and then clean some seeds. The fruits soften and would not themselves be good candidates for mailing, Misti, but based on the responses I will clean plenty of seeds.

I grew Ginkgo from seed several years ago. Beautiful fall foliage but no blooms so I think mine is a boy. As I recall, the seeds/nuts smelled kind of like cat poop. I don't know if I could get past that to cook with them. Is there a process that takes care of that odor, soilsandup?
Oct 26, 2014 3:06 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b

Soils.... Your mom is the first person I have ever heard about cooking with the Ginkgo. Very interesting. I know leaves can be gathered and a tincture made for using in teas and such, but just to cook with, I'm all ears to learn. Your mom is smart. Free is always good. Thumbs up
Oct 26, 2014 4:52 PM CST
Name: greene
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Which post is that Starlight/Ella? I don't have page 5 as I have set my view to the maximum number of posts.
Is there a number for the post?
Oct 26, 2014 4:57 PM CST
Name: Patti
Eagle Point, OR
Here it is greene...
Oct 26, 2014 5:02 PM CST
Name: greene
Savannah, Georgia, USA

I think I will stock my computer room with some snack foods and cans of soda or bottled water so I don't have to go to the kitchen and miss the actions. Rolling on the floor laughing
Oct 26, 2014 5:10 PM CST
Name: Misti
Fate, TX
Thanks Alana Hurray!
Oct 27, 2014 1:31 AM CST
Name: Promise
Zone 7a Tennessee
Greetings Piggy Swappers!

My name is Promise and I am new here. I look forward to getting to know you.

Ella has been educating me on how this swap works and it's starting to make sense.

Alana may I please get some Passiflora incarnata seeds?

Now I see why y'all get so excited waiting for this swap and I'm excited too.
Oct 27, 2014 6:25 AM CST
Name: Alana
Of course, Promise. Put them on your wish list so that I don't forget.
Oct 27, 2014 6:40 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Hi Promise! Glad ya found your way over to here. We don't stand on formality on this thread. All types of topics get covered. Just make yourself to home. Coffee pot is always on. Big Grin

Gonna be in the high 80's today. Good day to get some outside work done especially since weekend will be back into the low 60's. The weatherman today said this is why this season is called Fall. Temps go up and then fall down. Just wish they didn't do it so drastically.

I like looking at the snow pics, but don't envy folks that live in it except for one thing. You don't have to water during the winter. I do get tired of dragging water hoses around all year long. I have to go out and give everything a good watering this morning. Ugg.

Is the P. incarnata your talking about the one with a common name of Purple Passion Flower? I know it also has the common name of MayPop, but the MayPop I am familiar with is more like a little shrub with big wide leaves that hide what we called from up North, green apples underneath. Generally we would only find these MayPops in the shaded areas of wild woods. I have fond memories of the little MayPop shrubs and blasting my brothers with the apples. Hilarious!

I already got plenty of coffee stocked up and gathering snacks too. Only bad thing is I see them and start munching on them now. *Blush* Sticking tongue out

Anybody seen any sign of Andi yet? Hoping she pops at some time and is ok. Sad

Oct 27, 2014 8:59 AM CST
Name: greene
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Bought a bag of popcorn balls but yep, I was a piggy and they are all gone. This swap could be dangerous to my waistline. Rolling on the floor laughing
Oct 27, 2014 9:39 AM CST
Name: Alana
Greene, if you are already scarfing up the swap munchies you're going to need a bigger supply!
Maypop is it, Ella. They grow in shade or part shade here. They climb up into trees on the edge of the woods.
[Last edited Oct 27, 2014 9:40 AM CST]
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