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Apr 27, 2015 8:21 AM CST
Name: Joseph
Cache Valley Great Basin
Landrace: locally-adapted diversity
Sesame from the swap:
Thumb of 2015-04-27/joseph/310606

Running out of space in the greenhouse, so moved the frost tolerant things outside.
Thumb of 2015-04-27/joseph/dd463b

Things inside are growing great.
Thumb of 2015-04-27/joseph/a79caf

The mushroom logs got rained on for 3 days, and were starting to pin, so I moved them into a fruiting chamber where I can maintain higher humidity than outside.
Thumb of 2015-04-27/joseph/d80b70

An F1 hybrid tomato. Mother Ot'Jagodka. Father unknown, other than it was a plant with a loose or open flower structure... This is part of my promiscuously pollinating tomato project. Woo Hoo! Saved a year on the project because I was able to grow this out over the winter. The most interesting things in a breeding project typically show up in the F2. And I have F2 seeds just in time for planting this year.
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Apr 27, 2015 9:15 AM CST
Name: Margaret
Delta KY
I'm A Charley's Girl For Sure
Does anyone know what this is? It came from the Piggy Swap 2 years ago.
Has a nice fragrance.
And if anyone knows which Sweet William the red flower is I'd appreciate knowing that too.

Thumb of 2015-04-27/Mindy03/afae4d
Apr 27, 2015 9:50 AM CST
Name: Christine
Northeast Texas, Zone 7b
Thank you, Joseph! Thumbs up I was hoping to get the seeds in the ground this week but it looks like temps are dropping again, lows in the 40's and 50's at night expected all week long! But, I still have time!

Some interesting herb seedlings are coming along:

Peperomia pellucida - Pepper Elder
Thumb of 2015-04-27/wildflowers/f18ef4

Ocimum gratissimum - Vana Tulsi
Thumb of 2015-04-27/wildflowers/a90237

One single seedling of King of bitters herb.
Thumb of 2015-04-27/wildflowers/98fe97

One more, Basil Minnette
Thumb of 2015-04-27/wildflowers/b83b1e
FAITH over fear!

Apr 27, 2015 11:17 AM CST
Name: Julianna
Victoria, BC USDA Zone 8
Awesome seedlings everyone!

Some of the herbs I started inside have come up already: Salvia hispanica (chia), Lemongrass, Bodegold Chamomile, Summer Savoury.

I re-sowed the Star of David Okra after soaking 48 hours in a 1% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. I also re-sowed both the Redbor and the Nero di Toscana Kale.

All seedlings are doing well both inside and outside. I did manage to get the Red Stalk Celery transplanted and the Crimson-Flowered Fava sown on Saturday. I direct-sowed Carnival Blend and Purple Sun Carrot, Gourmet Mix Radish, and Mikado Baby Turnip. Our plantings outside are resembling a soup stock garden right now: celery, onion, leek, turnip, carrot, radish..

I think everyone may be using the clear plastic egg crates for vermiculite sowings next year! What a great idea! Hurray!
Grazie a tutti,
Apr 27, 2015 1:06 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
Ella Glad to hear you are okay. I was wondering about you on Saturday as we prepared for market. I know you seem to get it worse than we do and it was really bad here but it did clear up for market. Someone was watching over us!

I sure hope this weather doesn't last until June. I won't have any strawberries if it does. Your poor plants are going to have to get tough but what a pain for you to have to keep moving and covering, uncovering.

I should have my seedling trays lined up like Joseph then my greenhouse wouldn't look so trashy! Hilarious! And right now I am trying to plant here and there while babysitting so I pull out a few and grab another tray and pull out a few. My labeling is shot cause I have to leave a label in the tray and I've been too lazy to make new ones for what I plant figuring I'll remember. I should know better since I can't even remember where I transplanted a couple of things two days ago. My memory is getting really bad!

I have watermelon seeds from Joseph too. I was going to try and direct sow them yesterday but we didn't make it over to the farm until late. Maybe this week. I should plant a couple here and let them run over the grass. My peppers from Joseph look really good!!!

I need to go back over my database to see who gave me some things. I tried to put names on the back of the tag for quick reference but I didn't start that until later. I did so many seeds starts in vermiculite and tried a few new methods with the vermiculite. Mostly it didn't work and I had a lot of damping off but I did have a few survivors but when I potted up I didn't keep records because I literally had thousands. Now I am finding some nice surprises. A few disappointments but I will try and sow later for fall.

Anyone get any Spigellia Marilandicas to germinate? I didn't have any luck. I'll collect seeds again this year though so we can try again.
Apr 27, 2015 1:24 PM CST
Name: Joseph
Cache Valley Great Basin
Landrace: locally-adapted diversity
ArleneB: Ha! I apologize that I've been lying to you... I only post photos of the non-trashy part of my greenhouse... Notice the CGI in this photo? Too much trash on the floor. And too tired to clean up and take a fresh photo. Part of the reason that it looks as good as it does, is that I keep running out of space. And every time I run out of space I have to clean to make more space. I planted some things in the ground. Those are taking up about half of the available space. I might not do that next year, except for spinach that can be harvested early, and tomatoes which I really value first thing in the season. My first ripe tomato was 3 months early this year!!!

Woe is me. Those 3/4 filled flats really bug me... Some of them are due to running out of holders that fit my cell-packs. Some of them are due to low germination, or trying to save every plant from too much germination... Aargh! I'm collecting crates to try to stack them to transport to farmer's market in a couple weeks. That's really gonna mess up the tidiness! Woe be upon all those anal enough to try to keep plants tidy.

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Apr 28, 2015 9:37 AM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing I understand, but I have learned how to get past it. Sometimes I will transplant from other trays into the empty cells just so they're all tidied up. What a waste of timethough!

Euphorbia, Ascott's Rainbow Ella. The area yellow flowers in the bouquet. They have been blossoming for almost a month I can break off a piece and stick it in the ground if you think you'd like one. I'll watch for seed but I think it might be a hybrid so I don't know. easier to just start a stem for you
Apr 28, 2015 10:46 AM CST
Name: Sandy B.
Michigan UP (Zone 4b or 5a)
Joseph! That's very similar to my only taking photos in the garden when the weeds have been cleared away and the plants tidied up a bit... well, usually, anyway! Whistling

FINALLY have some asparagus starting to poke up out of the ground... Maybe now everything else spring-like will start happening here!
"I am still learning"~~ Michelangelo
National Gardening Association
Apr 28, 2015 12:21 PM CST
Name: Joseph
Cache Valley Great Basin
Landrace: locally-adapted diversity
I take lots of photos of my garden just like it is... It's about my only method of documentation. I sure don't post many of them though. I might feel embarrassed about not measuring up.
Author of Mother Earth News Blog about Landrace Gardening: Lofthouse
Apr 28, 2015 12:37 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
I am sure you would measure up to me!
Thumb of 2015-04-28/ArleneB/ad361f

Ella, here's a picture of the Euphorbia blossoms
Thumb of 2015-04-28/ArleneB/46ac9a
Apr 28, 2015 3:07 PM CST
Name: Alana
Arlene, that photo of the Euphorbia made me think of a gallery of aliens, weird eyes staring at...something. I like it.

No luck with the Yellow Gem Cerinthe seeds. I found about 12 seeds and hit half with a weak GA-3 solution, no sinkers. I sowed them anyway but no sign of life. I guess they are well and truly dead.

Joseph, my garden is an unsightly mess all the way around and I have a suspicion that this is going to be a very unkempt garden season for me. Nothing your camera catches would be messier than what I am looking out the window at right now.

Speaking of messy photographs, World Naked Gardening Day is Saturday. I'm sure all the piggies will meet back here to post pictures of that celebration. Big Grin
Apr 28, 2015 5:02 PM CST
Name: Terese
Leesburg, FL zone9b
Wisconsin Dells Area, zone4
>>World Naked Gardening Day is Saturday.

Alana -- oh heck, i wont be naked out in the garden - that is for sure. down here, too many thinks that poke you.

I'm happy to say, the plants that DH broke while trimming palms, are blooming. I have 2 beautiful purplish blue blooms on the Black & Blue, and the red salvia is blooming too. The stems that broke off, died.

out of the other seeds that were sown in February, My pot marigolds are blooming, the Coral Nymph has 7 bud area -- I hope to see it bloom before we leave next week, and the 2' Red Salvia next to it also has buds.

I have A LOT of Christmas Basil plants... i'm trying to give them away. Some are ready to bloom already.

The 3 Chocolate Cosmos are in the ground and 1 has really taken off... but all 3 have survived.

I also have Cilantro that has gone to see already... it was in a pot that I brought down from IL.

I do have to say, that "Peat Pot flat" experiment that I did back in end of Jan or early Feb, was a failure. I only had a handful of plants/seedlings that survive to make it into the ground. Many things that germinated ended up cooking in Feb when we got hot. I plan to try again in Oct when i get home, that way when winter then summer hits, they will be large enough that I can protect them better.

I will be packing up some plants to take them to WI where they will do better, plus about 15 Basil plants I am giving to family and friends.

think that is about it....

OH the snails down here are worse than slugs up north....
Terese -- Leesburg, FL & Lake Delton, Wi
My Email is my userID at

Apr 29, 2015 9:54 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Quoting:Speaking of messy photographs, World Naked Gardening Day is Saturday. I'm sure all the piggies will meet back here to post pictures of that celebration. Big Grin

Never heard of it, but for sure the only thing naked out that day will be my plants and maybe my feet. I shock my mirror enough as it is don't need to be shocking the rest of the world with my wrinkles, lumps and bulges. Hilarious!

I still have piles of pots that still haven't been dumped from the winter before when everything got destroyed. Maybe one year I'll get around to dumping and cleaning the area up. But it not gonna be anytime soon that is for sure.

Been raining again since yesterday and will rain all day today and part of tomorrow. We have so much rain and with the humidity had to take every wooden stake that I had holding tomatoes up out and toss on burn pile where mold has already gotten to them from all this rain.

Apr 29, 2015 10:33 AM CST
Name: Brenda

Two of my three cerinthe sprouted in just a couple of days. I went out of town April 17-19 and when I returned they were about 5 inches tall. What's the trick to them getting full? Fertilize?

Apr 29, 2015 3:14 PM CST
Name: Ron
Naples, FL
Brenda, I think I may have fertilized a couple times with half-strength Miracle Grow. Probably more important is near-full sun and consistent moisture.

I keep meaning to fertilize again now they are in the large pot, but they are doing so well I keep neglecting it.

Each of the three seeds was bi-embryonic (two sprouts/seed). From there they just branched naturally.

Apr 29, 2015 4:24 PM CST
Name: Sandy B.
Michigan UP (Zone 4b or 5a)
World Naked Gardening Day... bummer, it's really too cold for that here yet Rolling on the floor laughing (and besides, I find more than enough ways to injure myself in the garden when I'm fully clothed!)

So far I have sprouts from birdhouse gourds, apple gourds and luffa gourds, from the swap (well, lots of other stuff too -- just addressing the older gourd seeds that Critterologist sent to me - as well as some others that were gifted). Some of the mini birdhouse seeds that I tried growing last year took a couple of months to germinate, so could still get more of these plants; the ones that are already up should have a good headstart by the time I can plant out around the beginning of June!

After the 10th or so revision of my "garden plan," I spent some time today marking everything out in the actual garden... trying to incorporate some companion planting principles, which I've never done systematically at all so I have no real idea how well it will work for me but I can't see how it could hurt.

A couple more nights are supposed to be in the 30's for low temps, then after that in the 40s, so I'll be able to get some things out from under the lights and into the GH and start more seeds to put under the lights...Soooo many seeds this year Big Yellow Grin
"I am still learning"~~ Michelangelo
National Gardening Association
Apr 29, 2015 7:03 PM CST
Name: Rick Corey
Pacific NorthWet Zone 8a
Mindy03, I sent out some Piggy Sweet William = Dianthus barbatus in 2013, but my records don't show any going to you.

I'm pretty sure mine came from a seed mix, so I don't have any more-detailed ID than that.

That dark red pincushion is exactly what they looked like before they finished blooming.
Apr 29, 2015 7:55 PM CST
Name: Margaret
Delta KY
I'm A Charley's Girl For Sure
Thanks Rick. I'm not sure if I linked them or they were free but I love the red color.

I have sprouts of zigzags I got in last swap.
Cool Crayon
Cha Cha Cha
Old Mexico
One that starts with an M I can't remember how to spell
Apr 30, 2015 6:14 AM CST
Name: Promise
Zone 7a Tennessee
ArleneB I love your ghetto!

wildflowers My Pawpaw has't done anything yet either. I read that WitchHazel can take 2 years. I thought I seen a goji berry germinated in my 2 liter bottle village, but it disappeared maybe?

I've had a knack this spring with making plants disappear, but I've also learned a lot too! I have lots of seedlings around from the piggy swap. My TidyTips are blooming already! Cute little flower. I have Salvia Subrotunda in a container for now. I'll need to look up how big she's going to get. I've also got my baby Black and Blue Salvia in a container and I know that one gets tall. The lesson I have learned is not to put the babies in the ground too early.

I had a wide variety of milkweed germinate this year. Showy, Redring... I know there's more, plus what I planted last year sprung up like a champ. I'm thinking of putting the Dutchman's Pipe on a trellis with my milkweed from last year. We normally have lots of Yellow Swallowtail butterflies, but I'm afraid that after 7 days of deforestation to the woods behind ours, their habitat maybe be destroyed in a large number. I am so sick of hearing those beautiful trees fall. Makes me upset. I've been grumpy having to listen to the tree murder. This all comes after my neighbors behind us, cows got loose on our property. I guess they are making more room for the cows. Great. With it, yesterday I seen a ginormous bunny bolting across my garden. Ugh.

My brassica's are doing awesome. Only a month or 2 before harvest! I'm growing some Aquadulce Fava Beans I received in a swap. I've never had them before so growing them is exciting.

We put up cattle panel to grow our tomatoes against this year. We'll see how that works. It's gotta be better than last year! Also growing some Trombancino squash on a cattle panel.

Oh, we got our first GOOD weed wacker this year. Battery powered! Love it. Of course I think of our dear Weedwacker every time I'm out there knocking em down. Its so easy! My back thanks me. Thumbs up

Happy Gardening y'all!

Apr 30, 2015 7:51 AM CST
Name: aka GardenQuilts
Facebook, NGA
and the beloved Winston the pug
Wow Arlene!

I have major greenhouse envy. I have one overcrowded light shelf and a picnic table full of winter sowing containers. It is still early to plant things outside. Mid to late may is the last frost date. Spring is extra late this year, but it is finally here.

Joseph, Winston talks, but not on command. Sometimes he grumbles, especially when he gets doggie kibble in his bowl instead of home cooked doggie food. He doggie talks to me to turn on the heater, turn on the electric blanket on the bed, turn on his fan in the summer.....maybe he tries talking like a person to train me. He gets frustrated when I don't pay attention. He saves barking for cars driving past the house. Sometimes people slow down to laugh at the silly little dog throwing a doggie fit.

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