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Oct 23, 2013 4:59 AM CST
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PART 2 Is called the Piggy Trough and is the One-for-One Trade section. It is up to you if you want to join part 2 or not. Some folks do, some folks don't. Your not required.

In Part 1 you can oink for up to 100 packs of seeds. To enable you to get even more seeds you can also participate in Part 2 and get up too another 100 packets of seeds. Here is how:

This is where loose seed packs are shared among the general swap folks and Survivors alike. Here you can send in extra seeds for a one to one trade. For example, if you send in 20 additional loose packs, you will get additional 20 packs besides what you have oinked for in Part 1. If you send in only one extra packet of seeds you’ll only get back one extra packet of seeds. If you send me 38 packets, you get back 38 packets, You send in an additional 100 packets, you get back an additional 100 packets.

If you send extra packets beyond the 100, for Part 2, they will be shared out so that Disaster Survivors get plenty of seeds and into part 3.

For this part, no more than 5 packets of the same cultivar of seed. In other words, for example.. don’t send me 20 packets of Marigold Durango for Part 2. Only 5 will count towards the one for one swap, but you can send 5 packs of Marigold Durango and say 5 packs of Marigold French Cream.

No more than a total of 15 packets of the same type/genus of seed. For example ..say you are sending 25 extra packets for Part 2 of the swap, no more than 15 of those packets can be marigolds. The other 10 packets would need to be a different type seed other than marigold.

Make sure on your database spot that you fill in your wishlist and About my garden spot. It is from that information that I try to hunt through the masses of seeds to match up things for you. In this section it still a pot luck. I do the best I can for everybody with what comes in.

Part 3

Now Part 3 is the bottom of the bucket seeds. Again this part you can join or skip. Sometimes we have folks that send in seed for part two, but either don’t want any one to one seeds back, or just a limited amount. Any seed left at bottom of the feed bucket will be passed on to Survivors, and Regulars, and Newbies who would like them.

After everybody is taken care of, if there are still any seeds left that nobody wants they will go to any communities or any other charitable organization that will benefit from them. Let no seed go to waste! is our motto. : )

To get started, just make sure you understand Part 1. As the swap progresses and we get to parts 2 and 3, we'll go over these sections again.

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