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Dec 3, 2013 4:24 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
For Clematis. This is what I do. I start Clematis in Feb here. I use a shallow pan, no more than 3" deep. Make sure it has a few drainage holes. I put sandy soil in the pot, just gently press the seeds into the top of the soil. So they are like half in and half out and put them outside in greenhouse here they will get cool chill but not frozen. I just let them do their thing and when it warms up in greenhouse, they start too. They do take awhile to germinate. One of those have patience plants. other than making sure soil does not dry out, I try and forget they are there. Than one day, it's ahhhhhhhh I have babies.

Alot of folks lose their Clematis seedlings from over watering. I know when I first tried growing them I did.

Once the seedlings are big enough to handle I transplant them into small pots and gradually step up. I make sure not to disturb the roots as much as I can.

Whether I am putting them in a pot or in the ground, I make a special mix of soil. I use garden soil that has a lot of sand in it and add just a bit of bagged garden soil, for ground planting, or potting soil for pots and a bit of composted cow manure. A nice sandy loam with has been perfect for me.

Also, I treat the ground and the pot soil with lime. Clematis seem to like a lot of lime. I use crushed limestone. Little bit in soil mix in pots, and for transplanting to the ground, I make sure there is enough crushed limestone and manure to mix with the soil almost 2 feet down and wide. A lot of digging, but those roots sure do appreciate it. Than about June when the temps start getting high here, I will go out and put another layer of composted manure or regular composted down materials. The roots do not to be hot and this helps to keep them cool.

Than other than a supplemental watering during during drought periods, I more or less Mother Nature water them. Once established they are pretty drought hardy.

My very first batch of Clematis seedlings I burned up. I was gradually trying to acclimatize some seedlings to outdoors and though it felt a bit chilly to me, I put them in a semi- sunny spot. The 70F afternoon sun was enough to scorch and burn the leaves. Now I leave them in a totally shady or filtered sun spot under the trees til they get big enough to really handle stronger sun rays.

There are a lot of different ways to try and start the Clematis seed. What is your favorite way? What growing procedure have you had the most success with?

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