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Dec 16, 2013 7:36 PM CST
Name: Sandy
Texas 9b
I have a lot of different methods depending on the seeds. If they are really small I just take a pinch of them.larger seeds I can use the plastic pill cups or at McDonald's I snatched up some of the paper ketchup cups. I will set them out maybe 15-20 and count out the seeds into each one whether 5, 10, or 15 and so on. Then I open the small zip lock type bags and pour them in. Once I have dumped all of them I start over.

Rick I also love gadgets and don't have as many as I would like but in the future I am adding to them. My elderberry seeds this year I dried out and some of the berries dried whole and evry tight and others I could pick out of the chaff. The ones that dried whole probably have 3-5 seeds in them and the ziplocks with the tiny seeds have 10+ in them. I do use pill bottles to store seeds in and just about any small container with a lid I can find.

For drying seeds I have collected at Thanksgiving alot of cardboard flats that soup and canned veggies were on. The lady at Kroger's was thrilled and said I made the shelves look great and take all I wanted. That way once they stain or get too messy I can throw them out. I was using plastic trays but the cardboard helps soak up some of the liquid so they dry faster. I am going back to Krogers for Christmas shopping and hope to get more. No if I could find my ziplock 2"X3" cheaper than $1 dollar a hundred that would be great. I am almost out again. Whistling

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