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Dec 17, 2013 7:02 PM CST
Name: Rick Corey
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I should have set up a game, "find five embarrassing things on my living room table!

Sandy said:
>> cardboard flats that soup and canned veggies were on. ...
>> I was using plastic trays but the cardboard helps soak up some of the liquid so they dry faster.

I agree that paper absorbs water! I might add that, after the cardboard has absorbed all it can, switch out that damp tray for a dry one. Park the damp one over a heating vent, and soon it will be crispy dry again.

Any kind of paper, including corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags, can act like a gentle desiccant when dry, or as a SOURCE of dampness once wet.

I usually dry seeds in paper envelopes save4d from my bills and ads.

And I use silica gel to get them really dry enough for LONG-term storage.

If I have a soggy seedhead, I put a coffee filter over it, and one under it, then I press that bundle between layers of towels.

Suppose you have some mostly-dry seeds in PAPER envelopes like coin envelopes. I mean air-dry, like 40-60%RH. You can seal those into a freezer bag (or maybe even a cheaper gallon Ziploc) But seal some desiccant in with the seeds! The paper envelope lets the desiccant "suck" more water out until your seeds are at 30% RH, or even better 15-20% RH. They will store MUCH longer with good viability if much drier than room air.

But you need a good seal, like a freezer bag or a good screw-cap jar, to keep the atmosphere away from the desiccant. Otherwise it is exhausted, trying to dry all the air in your neighborhood.

If you freeze your seeds to kill bugs, consider drying them with desiccant first. At least seal them inside 1-2 gallon Ziploc bags first, so that condensation does not condense on your seed pkts and make them soggy! Once they have warmed all the way to room temp, they don't need to stay inside the freezer bags, unless you store them with desiccant.

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