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Jan 22, 2014 2:45 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
ATTENTION ALL PIGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is now the 22nd of January. Boxes were to be mailed out by December 20th. Now we had folks that the arctic storms held up. That I understood and didn't want anybody out in it. With the bad weather, I had anticipated boxes coming in late. We also had a couple of folks with some very serious family emergencies. Those I didn't mind. Glad the situations are better for those family's and individuals.

From the official rules had even said folks could be late because of weather or emergency.

Quoting:"Once the actual swapping is closed, if you have everything ready to mail to me before the 20th, that is fine. If you will be delayed a bit with your mailing to me, though, please let me know. Folks are mailing during winter and sometimes blizzards hold folks up and we want folks to be safe."

But after what I discovered yesterday morning. I had to think and am now making some serious decisions. When I went to check how seeds in fridge and freezer were doing, I found a tuber in brown paper bag, in fridge already has roots several inches long on it. There are many more tubers in the fridge and bulbs and not sure how long before they may start to decide to sprout, so if I don't want folks losing them after somebody was nice enough to dig and clean them, than I had to make a couple of decisions.

As much as it pains me, I am going to have to enforce some of the rules. Never had to before, but the situation is calling for it. Right now we in return of the arctic blast. In a few days it will be passing and there will be several days of window time next week for piggies to fly and reach destinations before round 3 arctic blast is coming. Yep another one. Grumbling Grumbling

So, here is my decisions based on what I know is happening, plus the fact that it will be 3 weeks or better before long haulers get their seed, plus we have folks in Texas and Cal and some other warm areas that temps are in 70's and going up already. They moving into spring, and need to get seed in the ground before they get too hot and dry. Than we have some other folks, that normally wouldn't be able to winter sow and have to wait til fall or next year to sow seed, can do it now, first time experience for alot of folks, during this cold arctic time.

COREY... Enjoy you dearly, but I have to move this swap on forward. If you have not sent to me by cmail, by THIS Sunday your confirmation sticker number, I am going to drop you. I am sorry, but I have too. I have all these other folks to consider, who even through hardships managed to get their boxes out. Yours has not been an emergency situation. You had all the time during swap and a month even after closing, and it still not done , nor in the mail.

You have no inconvenienced me so much, I used to sleeping on the couch while seed sleeps nice and cosy on my bed. Hilarious! What you have done is inconvenienced all the other piggies and not one single word of what has been happening, nor even an apology to them. That is not right.

They should not lose growing time, be waiting on seeds, possible lose plants due to long holding time, because of your lack of commitment on your end.

If I have no received a confirmation number from you that box is in the mail, I will NO LONGER wait on your seed. Yours is not a case of seed lost in mail, like we have had in past.

If I do not have confirmation, I will no longer accept your piggy box. What you will have to do, is contact each piggy individually, get there mailing info and AT YOUR expense send those seeds on to them.

So that the piggies don't have to suffer even more, and pay for postage to you if I were to return their seed, I am going to hold your box hostage. Once I have confirmation from piggies that oinked from you that they have received seed from you, I will send your box on, not until I have that though.

I am sorry it has come to this, but I have given you plenty of chances to just toss stuff in a box and send to me and I would make packets up and do for you, but those requests were passed over. I did all I could.

Now folks for KWILDS packet, there are 18 of you that have oinked from her. She has not checked in here since the first Arctic Blast as far as I know. If her package was sent just regular mail and no tracker or tracer on it, even from Canada than who knows when it might show up. Could be days, could be weeks, could be months, worst case it could be never. Who knows if it was lost in one of plane crashes or mail truck pile up messes. We just don't know. So what I am going to do about KWILDS is this.

I am goign to go ahead and start finalizing my end of things and start packing to head to PO one day next week. If her packet has not arrived by the time I ready to mail and catch the break in the weather, than when her seed does come, I will send it on to each of you individually. I will be holding her box until I either receive her seed, or each piggy individually cmails me that it ok for me to send her box on without receiving her seed. Those not wanting their seed sent on to her, let me know before I mail the packages, as I will either return the seed in your box, or toss it out into the one to one or part 3 groups. It is your seed and so the choice is yours.

Just everybody please send me CMAIL about which way you want me to handle your seed to KWILDS. Here are your choices. Pick one, please.

1. Send on to her.
2. Don't send, send back to me.
3. Don't send, toss in barrel.

I feel bad, because this is the first time, I have had to stomp my hoof down in all these years, but you folks have been great so far about waiting even though I know your biting at the bit. I appreciate your patience so far. I not gonna make you wait another month or two for a box not even in transit.

If anybody does not understand what I am doing, please cmail me. I will explain it to you in a cmail.

Thank you piggies for being so patient. Your wait is almost over. Thumbs up Hopefully by next weekend or being of next week, except for long haulers, you should have your piggy boxes. Hurray!

P.S. If you see Corey around, whoever hog tied him last time, you might tell him to come read this now.

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