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Jan 23, 2014 11:58 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
How is everybody making out with this round of what they calling the arctic vortex revisted? Gonna hit us this evening. It creeping on its way here. Will be 1F to negatives at my door step.

Gotta go in little bit and get more bird food. Poor critters having it rough and saw first canary finch of the season come flying in yesterday.

Now would you believe that with all this cold, and wind and rain. I have active grasshoppers?? Grumbling At least feeding the birds helps. Opened door the other day to toss out more food, and scared the tar out of a male Cardinal. Poor thing had a huge hopper in its beak and when I scared it, it flew into side of trailer. Hopper escaped, bird tried to recapture, but think was to afraid of me standing so close by. Now I having to look carefully out door left and right before opening in case I scare more birds.

Which reminds me of what happened to me during the summer. I was on my way to market. Had the van loaded to the max. Was having fits, because the big rose bushes I had riding shotgun on the front seat kept stabbing me in the arm and legs. Owie.

Well, there I am driving along, window down, radio blasting, just enjoying myself and the sun and thinking about the weekend, when the world went grey.

There I was, barely to see out of my glasses. I started breaking like crazy and hoped that I didn't go off road or run into anybody else. Snatched my glasses off, still trying to hold onto wheel only to discover I had a hitch hiker. Either that or they wanted a better view and to be able to see over the dashboard.

I grabbed that critter and threw him out the window. Didn't get but a couple of feet and whap! Right back onto my face again. I trying to shake my glasses out the window, know I looked like a drunk driver going down the road. Prayed no cops were out or anybody got behind me and called in my vehicle number . I just knew no cop was gonna believe my story, but than again, one look at me, he might think crazy woman and just do that. Hilarious!

So, I'm shaking and shaking and next thing I know I shaked a bit too hard and there goes my glasses flying out the window on to the road. Now I have to stop and hope that I didn't run them over. I get out of van and start looking on road. Yep there they are. Minus my lens though. Dang, now I have to hunt for them. One went one place another went another. Picked em up and one now has permanent scratch, the other a chip.

Such is life I guess. I try to fix frame as best I could and po my lens back in. I start back down the road. Thinking well at least my hitch hiker is gone. Once I calm back down, I start singing and enjoying the day again.

I get to market, have a nice day chatting with folks and start heading for home. get home, open back tail gate of van , brace it up, my brackets, broke, start reaching for plants to pull out and zowie... Right to the eyeballs again. Stuck like glue to my glasses.

By now I am ready to do a little bit of damage to this I'm in love with your metal frames dude. I shake and shake which causes the lens to fall back out again. Back to hunting on the ground.

When I finally get myself back together I cautiously put my glasses back on. Look around and there over on one of the Butterfly bushes, waving front arms at me, saying Thanks for taking me for a drive is non other than the praying mantis that just wouldn't let go. Smiling

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