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Jan 29, 2014 4:12 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Popping in here quick, while power is stable for the moment and than I offline again.

It's freaking nightmare here. I feel like I am back in the Blizzard of '76. Haven't seen nor had to deal with these conditions since then. You Indiana folks know what I talking about. I hope the other Southern piggies are doing ok and hopefully they don't get the brunt of what we have here.

I am encased in a giant ice cube right now. Doors and windows are frozen solid. Can't even try and kick them open as may bust the glass or worse and have enough to deal with now. Whole trailer moaned and groaned as all that sleeting rain turned to a solid sheet of ice. All them unreal high winds we had, loosed the roof and walls up on this old trailer and I have places where water has gone down into walls and it frozen.

I have icesickles hanging down all around trailer and all outside from one window I can see out of.

We got another round of snow and sleet coming here in just a little bit. With wind it 7F outside right now. Will barely make it to 20's if I lucky. Gonna be this way tomorrow too. Than it unreal to 50's at night come Saturday and high in 70's. Nice warm temps for all next week.

Well, I finally discovered what the drip drip noise I heard was. Guess all this cold and freezing temps and pipes, froze the water line in back bathroom. Went to check to make sure pipes were still running and no ice forming in the sink again and as I walked near door, heard crunch crunch crunch.

The tank for the toilet must have cracked somehow with water freezing and un freezing. Bathroom, part hallway and part of son's bedroom carpet it soaked and frozen. Had that area shut off to conserve on heat. Always close that area off since son been gone. Got the water to it turned off, but not going to be able to deal with mess til this mess over. Wonder what other surprises are waiting to be discovered. Got electrity all shut off to those areas too. Worried about all that water back there and water seeping up walls and shorting something out.

I really worried about ILoveJesus. Hope she ok. I know her place not equipped for this mess either and saw on news where her area was supposed to get it too.

I still shooting for Friday to mail, but it may be Monday folks. I apologizing now, but it just can't be helped. I know you want your seeds and believe me, I want them too you too. I gotta take care of damages here first. Know the mem from church that fix everything for us women that can't do it, *Blush* won't will be able to get to me til sometime friday or saturday to come help. Have told them to take care of the seniors , homebound and handicapped folks first.

Oh well, nothing I can do about anything right. Am safe and warm and that more than a lot of folks right now. Got plenty of bottled water and coffee so I happy. Imagine we'll make world news again this morning. Hilarious!

Just so ya know, the seeds are safe and warm and are being cosseted. I protecting them like they my children. Very precious stuff. Big Grin Thumbs up

Ok, I out of here for good now til this mess over. Not gonna risk puter anymore. Getting worse outside.

To those in this mess, hope ya all are staying safe and warm and that everything ok at your places. Group hug Check in when ya can if you would please, just so somebody knows your ok. Gonna be more folks without power and frozen water. Again, need anything contact Patti if it serious, or ask a regular piggy here.

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