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Feb 3, 2014 2:32 PM CST
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PIGGIES !!!!!!!!!!

Everybody read. Tomorrow is PFE day. That is Piggies Flying Everywhere Day.

I have folks here working on the damage to my place. They should be done sometime today, but there no way I can make it to Po in time. Also I have appointments in town tomorrow right by the po so that saves a 40 mile trip.

I should be back home by about 6 or so pm my time and than I'll start cmailing everybody their tracking numbers. Long haulers will cmail ya tomorrow some time and soon as ya answer will get ya in the mail.

I hope I have everything for everybody. If their is something wrong, cmail me. If you have a problem with something you received or didn't receive from somebody, CMAIL ME!!!!! not them. Some folks may have accidentally forgotten something or ran out of something, which happens, or just couldn't find the seed when it came to make packets. It happens. I got one seed I been hunting forever for. Have no idea where I put it and been through stuff three times. If and when I do find it I will mail it out to ya. DO NOT be afraid to cmail me. Hey I forget stuff too. I have plenty of bacon, so won't make mincemeat out of any piggies. I will be upset if I find out later ya had a problem and didn't say nothing. Momma's always know everything. Hilarious!

Moving things all around all them slippery packets some times slide out or as like last year a couple went into wrong trough . I double checked names, but just encase ya do get somebody elses packet please be kind enough to let em know and send it on. I'll send ya postage to do it.

Folks, becareful opening your packages. Do not let them sit around as some have bulbs, tubers and/ or live plants in it. Also be very careful when you go to open some of your packets from folks. Some folks make punch holes in the top of their seeds packets and if you open and go to shake out you just might shake em all over the floor to never be found again. I swear carpet eats em. Thumbs up I would suggest opening things over a plate.

The only real problem I seen was that Corey forgot seeds to Evelyn and to Deebie. I know Corey posted over on the other site that he knew he forgot Eveyln and would be mailing personally to her. Deebie, you might contact him and tell him to send your seeds to you personally too. Those two folks should be the only folks cmailing somebody about something.

Folks have done the best they could and if anybody wants to complain about missing seed packet, you better do it to me and not the person. I will find out if it happens. Whistling If anybody does have a proble with somebody cmailing them and complaining in any sort of form, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. This been a nice friendly swap all these long years and I not gonna tolerate somebody who rude to other folks in it for next year. That why I here, or cmail Patti, or Tcs, but Tcs is tied up at the moment.

SASSAFRASS>>>>> I still need you to cmail me and give me a mailing addy. Holding your seeds til I do.

( If anybody sees her at any of the places please, tell her I need her will ya.)

No word from KWild. I will be sending her seeds on as soon as she contacts me too. Haven't seen nor heard from her since Dec 19th. Have sent several cmails. I hope nothing happened to her. I know they was in the main part of that artic blast. Anybody she her around, let me know and tell her I need her to contact me, so I can send her seeds on, please.

For newbies, just so ya know. Two things. Just cuz ya had no this or this on your don't want list, you may have gotten something that makes ya go ewww. Have to divide out what comes in. Sometimes it happens. If ya got something ya don't like you can always give or trade it away.

2. Bottom of barrel means just that. Those that signed up. That all the seed that I couldn't find to really fit on folks lists or was extras donated. Where the packets land they land. I play 52 Piggy Pick up with them. The funest part for me. I grab and toss. Again if ya get something ya don't like, pass it on or use it for a trade with somebody for something ya may want.

Oh, important. Make sure ya don't leave boxes around unopened where pets can get into them. Can't spoil a surprise, but ya don't want them to get to it before you do. Whistling Big Grin

Ok, I think that everything I can think of for the moment. Nope one more thing. Corey, you was last piggy in so you gotta clean the barn out. Get busy with your shovel. New hay up in loft to be put down. Soon as I know all the piggies have received their boxes than I will turn off the lights and lock the barn door til next year.

To all the piggies that participated. Thank you and a special Thank you to a few piggies who went above and beyond to make things special for folks. You know who you are. I appreciate it and I sure the piggies will. Group hug Lovey dubby

Going to post this on the chat thread too. Big Grin

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