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Feb 8, 2014 8:37 PM CST
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and the beloved Winston the pug
As long as they find the package, I don't mind. People make mistakes. There must be more mail than usual piling up with all of the winter storms, delayed flights, road closures, etc. I am sure that Ella's local post office looks forward to the yearly piggy stampede - not. One of these days, someone's post master may ask to join the piggy swap.

After all of the problems I had with the local post office at my old place, I have trouble trusting the post office. I had lots of things go missing including prescriptions twice. There were whispers of a scandal when the staff suddenly changed, but I don't know the details. My mail is getting delivered faster in my new address, so I hope that was an isolated problem. The new mail lady seems really nice. She was very helpful when I was having trouble installing my new mailbox.

The seeds in little baggies, commercial packets and folded paper envelops fit in one regular shoebox with some extra room. I usually sow half a packet or less of seeds in case they don't germinate the first try. If you put a long piece of cardboard lengthwise, you can fit two columns of seeds in a shoe box. Does that make sense? I have to fold the top down of some commercial packets to be able to close the box. I pull out the seeds that I am going to sow each day, make labels and sow them. I typically sow one genus or species at a time such as Digitalis or Helianthus annus(sunflowers). I wintersow in soda bottles in batches of 8 because each tray holds 8 bottles. (fyi, I wintersow digitalis and either start sunflowers inside or direct sow them, depending on how crowded my shelves are.)

The shoebox is easy to spill, especially when Winston comes running over thinking I am opening treats when he hears the packages rattling. I close it with elastic bands and put the box in a plastic tote with desiccant. I got plastic shoe boxes at the dollar store to "upgrade" my seed system. The seeds don't fit well in the plastic boxes because of the rounded corners.

I used to keep my seeds in a wooden tequila box. It became too small because I am such a seed piggy! I needed to drink more to get more wooden boxes or find a better seed filing box. It would be great if it is a bit taller than a shoe box.

I also have a box of empty bottles ready for dried seeds from my garden.

I am using the wooden tequila box for double pointed knitting needles. I have been meaning to sew a custom case for my double pointed knitting needles, but I haven't gotten that project started, yet.

I imagine that my once I find the perfect system/containers, my life will miraculously become more organized. One can hope. No matter what system I use, seeds take much less room than yarns and fabrics.....

Another thing that would be great is having a tablet or laptop computer. It would be great to be able to look at my spreadsheet or check seed sowing sites online while sowing seeds. My luck, I would spill fertilizer on it or get potting mix in the keys. I wonder if compost accidents are covered by the warantee?

I run Frankenstein desk top computers. I was still running windows 98 when the rest of the world started running Windows XP. Now, I am mourning XP and grumbling at the learning curve for Windows 7. Rebuilding older second hand computers is a type of recycling, but I do it to save money.

Back to downloading drivers so that I can read images from my camera cards. I am learning all sorts of techie things I would rather not have to know. I have plug and pray vintage hardware - plug it into the windows 7 machine and pray that the os recognizes it or that I can find a driver online.

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