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Feb 12, 2014 3:37 AM CST
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Misti... You probably won't hear anything. They usually don't respond until they some sort of update that is what I was told anyways. Local po usually better at getting an answer from. Ask to talk to the head postperson for your area. Regular employees usually don't care and are always in a rush to hang up on ya. Grumbling

I will keep moving up the chain of command on this for sure. The packages are all insured for $50 but the contents are worth more than that inside. If claims need to be filed, which I hoping and praying not, I don't want to be waiting til the last day to do everything.

If claims need to be filed, not only going to file for the amount insured , but I have all the boxes you sent with the cost of your postage to me, plus postage you paid and am going to see about getting contents claimed for too. They may not go for it, but sure as to heck gonna give it a good try. I just about to the point where, yes I stressed for you piggies, but am getting fighting mad too. It not pretty when I get that mad either cuz I will be contacting local news station about the situation and how for some of you the seed inside is your food crop for the coming year and I don't have a facebook or twitter, my computer won't let me, can always try the library to do it, but have to be very careful on what is said so no backlash of liable suits.

I know that I won't be able to prove the one to one part or the bottom of the barrel, cuz even some of what I know off the top of my head that was in them, there no proof, but the databases are proof of the regular contents. Next year I will make sure I make a list of them too before I just toss.

Those that are missing, you can help by starting to go online and looking up the replacement cost of the seeds, don't forget postage for them to mail to you.

I have started three new threads in the miscellaneous forum. One for piggy flower seeds, one for veggie and one for herbs. As you find the items, please put the name of it first, a link to the site and the price. That way folks who may have the same seed as you won't have to look that one up. There no way I can look up an avg of 2,800 seeds myself.

If some of you piggies that got your boxes, have the time to help out looking and posting for the missing folks, it would be appreciated. Hopefully in the end the packages will get delivered and this will have been unnecessary, but trying to be prepared just in case.

Here the links to start listing:




I will give them time to try and find things, than the next step will be registered mail to postmaster general, and local congressman and we have a law firm here that doesn't charge to give you info on whether you have a good enough case to file or not legally and whether it be worth the cost or not.

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