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Apr 14, 2014 5:20 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Thanks for starting new thread Tcs.

Been raining here for most of the day and the thunderstorms coming in bit and will be here til sometime tomorrow evening. Rain total for today and tomorrow has been upped to almost 4" now. I ain't never gonna get any beans or cukes or squash in the ground at this rate.

It was windy cold friday, by Saturday evening sun came out and it went like crazy to 86F and now it in the 60's and yep we going to freezing for Tuesday night. Already got some plastic and cheese cloth ready in place so I can cover tomorrow night and hope things don't freeze anymore. Had the fan going, now gotta get the heater going again and the snow clothes.

I got my first real bloom of anything coming on. A deep, deep purple Iris. I will probably bring it in so the bloom doesn't freeze off. Anything anybody has that special and things like tomatoes and peppers out I would plop a bucket over the top at night and leave on til it warms up a touch.

Soils... Have a good time and a safe trip and a Happy Blessed Easter to you.

Arlene... I think the Plecanthus has bit the dust. I'm gonna leave the pots sit for awhile, like the next month or two, but not expecting anything to grow. Was reading that they hardy for zones 9 to 11 . Mine got soaked with ice and snow and a ton of rain, but maybe if you bring yours in under shelter come late fall or winter, maybe it might overwinter.

Andi... You might as well get your wagon and get a few of those pavers. If you don't you'll be kicking yourself later. What the difference if it furniture or pavers, they movers and that what they get paid for. I'd make them load and transport all your plants too if you don't. Save your back and body for digging them in your new place.

If you can get any from a local store, those egg cartons and some of the one gallon drink boxes come with handles on the side. Those type boxes work great for moving plants. Just put a cheap kitchen trash bag in it and plop your plant. The plastic will help keep moisture in and around the roots and with having the handles on the boxes it makes it easy to pickup and carry.

Tcs... You might consider the same thing for your plants. Ouch and double ouch. Roses are so beautiful and yet they hurt so much. Seems no matter how careful you are you get stuck.

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