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Apr 15, 2014 9:03 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Rain has let up for a minute or two so gonna go run out and move some plants and try and cover some others. Ran to dollar store yesterday and got a couple more packages of painters plastic. It a buck for big 10 ' by think it 10 or 15'. Very thin, but it does the trick of keeping the frost off the plants. I just brace it up on the ends with a couple of milk crates and pull it tight.

In a couple of hours gonna need to turn heat back on in house and bring my pepper flats back in. Back gonna be screaming for sure.

Txbaby... Glad your garden coming along so well. Now this may sound like a crazy idea, but it just might work. You know those think they call them "claws" for folks who can't reach things high or pick stuff up off the ground. I wonder if you couldn't get a heavy duty one. Metal that won't break easy. Them plastic ones in stores wouldn't be strong enough.

To the bottom you attach of all things metal shoe inserts. The ones like men use to stretch out shoes. They are scoop shaped and the scoops are about 4 to 5" long. If you taped something liek that really good to the bottom of a metal claw than you would be able to open and close the shoe digger part and maybe pull weds out easier that way as long as they weren't real deep. You'd bring soil up with it probably, but you could always just shake that off.

I have a set of the men's metal shoe stretchers and next time I go to my friends house, she has one of them cheap claws grabbers. I'll tape them on and see if it works at all. Ya never know til you try.

Me too Poison. Heard that a blood moon was something to see, but I fell a sleep and with rain and clouds all night doubt if I would have seen anything either. Holler when the next one comes around if you think of it. Maybe the weather will be nicer than and I can watch too.

Quoting: I hope we are rewarded for all of the cold damage by a perfect summer. Smiling

Oh yes!!!!!!!!! I'm all for that especially after the poor weather we have had it seems the past couple of years.

Misti... Glad your babies all ok.

Ok, off to start moving and covering plants. Hope everybody getting hit tonight with cold makes it through ok.

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