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Apr 25, 2014 1:30 AM CST
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and the beloved Winston the pug
Could you pick up some boxes and packing tape on the way, Joseph, I am out!

Misti, my comfrey is under a bunch of road gravel dumped on that corner by the snowplow. Dead or alive, it is too much digging to move it. People claim that comfrey is an aggressive garden thug, but mine didn't take off. I want to try again once I get things settled so that I can make the comfrey hand salve I read about.

Country life is difficult when you don't drive. There is a strict 3 bag limit on the bus - and you have to be able to lift the bags yourself. You can't bring a bunch of empty (or full) boxes from the liquor store, new handles for your hoe or other necessary but unconventional items on the bus.

If could be worse. Last week a man went into cardiac arrest on the bus. Luckily, the bus was equipped with a defibrillator (some aren't). Unfortunately the bus driver wasn't trained to use it. Luckily a passing truck driver was a volunteer emt. He was able to use the defrib after several phone conversations with the defib 800 number. It was extra complicated because the electrodes have to be placed in different places if someone has had heart surgery. Of course, this being the Poconos, there was trouble with the cell phone reception - maybe a mountain was in the way, maybe the phones were overloaded with the storm and people on their phones telling people they are late or something. My verizon phone died as I was switching isps in the 2013 move. I typically don't miss it so I didn't replace it. They are expensive and unreliable in the mountains, but better than they used to be. I took deep breaths and knit because there was nothing that I could do to help. The man had his attack while driving on the busiest highway at the beginning of the evening rush just as it was starting to rain because that is how these things go - like appliances breaking on holiday weekends. The man's wife and son were on the bus and were considerably upset. The man survived so far, but he is in a care facility. (He was already in a wheelchair.)

The adventures on the bus could be a reality show. The riders all know each other. Of course, there are the inevitable personality conflicts. I chat with the people nearby, knit and try not to be carsick. Sometimes I think that the fates are bored with reality tv so they stir up people's lives for entertainment. Sometimes I think that the fates are bored with reality tv so they stir up my life for entertainment.

Too sore and stressed to sleep, too exhausted to be very effective. Irregardless, 48 hours from now I will be sleeping in my bed in my new place, surrounded by boxes, bags and stuff. The plants are ready to go, so they will be sitting in the shade waiting for me to plant them (hopefully utilizing a repaired or replaced hoe). Winston the pug will be snoring, Bella the stealth cat will be hiding until she forgives me for stuffing her in a cat carrier and loading her in a vehicle. Between now and then will be an ordeal. Moving is an ordeal for everyone, I just seem to bring it to a new level.

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