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May 2, 2014 8:51 AM CST
Name: greene
Savannah, Georgia, USA
This is a story about my only experience with a tornado:

A few years ago my husband and I were walking on the beach. The weather was overcast, very cloudy, so there were few people on the sand. As we walked the wind kicked up and became a bit strong. I laughed because the sand seemed to be blowing all in one direction - it looked like the beach was blowing away. Then the wind became even stronger. We continued walking towards the car which was very far away. We were laughing and having fun. Soon the rain started. But the rain was not falling straight down - it was falling sideways, horizontal to the ground. We noticed that our clothes were wet only on one side and dry on the other side. We thought the wind was very weird. Then the wind became so strong that it was difficult to walk; I pretended to lie down against the force of the wind; the wind held me up and did not let me fall - that is some strong wind! As the wind blew the sand, we started to feel pain on our legs from getting 'sandblasted' and we laughed a bit less. Each of us was trying not to complain, but were only pretending that this was still fun. We were still far from the car. We took shelter for a while in a wooden life guard stand, but soon realized we would be waiting a long time. So we started running to our car to get away from the sandblasting. Whew. Finally, we got to the parking lot. Our clothes were soaking wet and uncomfortable with sand in all kinds of places.

In the trunk of my car were two bags of clothes I intended to take to the thrift store. Right there in the parking lot, standing on either side of the car in mock-privacy, each of us removed our wet clothes and put on whatever clothes would fit us from the Goodwill bags. We looked very funny in our mismatched, ill-fitting clothes, but we were dry so we did not care. Once inside the car we laughed again at what a fun time we had in the bad weather with the weird wind.

As we started to drive towards home I noticed several cars had pulled to the side of the road. The people were all looking in the same direction. When I looked at the sky I could see what they were looking at.

It was a funnel cloud - a tornado - heading AWAY from us.

Then we laughed and laughed. We had just walked through a tornado and did not even know it.
Since we did not know it was a tornado and so we had not been afraid.

(Edit: I've been hunting online for some old news of this event and the date was September 2004.)

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