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May 8, 2014 5:00 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Morning folks! Been a busy busy week and just to much to do and going on so had to leave puter off and phone lines open. Been busy with tornado friends and than young close friend died from pit bull bites. Those in Ga and Al probably seen on news about Katie.

Just now getting a chance to catch up quick and will not be online much for next couple of days still helping folks and such.

Andi... Glad you and your fur babies getting settled all in.

Joseph... Congrats on the Seed saver program. When I get a chance will look more fully into it.

Posion... About how big do those Ozark berries get? I lost my whole strawberry crop. Have just two little plants with barely a couple of leaves that have made it. I was planting Seascapes and they did really well as an ever bearer even in heat down here, but am thinking about switching over to just a June bearer.

I would like to figure out what type the local Ga farmers grow down here that sell off to the walmart store. Them are some huge and sweet berries.

Sorry you lost so many of your plants from winter. Crying

Guess it been a bad winter all around. Friend down in Montgomery lost 3 really huge houses and all their stock too from winter. Major shortage of tomato and pepper plants this year because of it. Flowering plants too.

Folks are a hollering for stuff, but they just dont realize the plant losses. It like they got a few warm days and expect you to pop up over night plants for them. Rolling on the floor laughing

I have some new critters to the yard. One is a new Red-headed baby woodpecker. Keep watching everyday for it to finally emerge from the nest. Poor thing has to be so bored sitting way up in that tree all day long in the 90F weather. Mom and pop take turns feeding about 4 times a day, but poor little tyke surely has to be getting bored.

And this is a critter that has decided it likes my yard and is driving me insane. I need earplugs big time. I kept hearing this loud racket and it wouldn't stop and would go on and on and on and on. Open my front door to go enjoy my coffee and critters and at the bottom of my steps is this huge female guinny chicken. Have no idea where it came in from but it having fun in my yard and trees. I am not having fun listening to it holler all day long. I keep hoping it will find somebody elses yard to call home.

In case I don't get back on before hand wishing all the mothers and grandmothers a Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!! Group hug

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