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May 16, 2014 12:50 AM CST
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I am having trouble sleeping. I was riding the Pocono Pony on errands today. I went to Home Depot for a toilet seat and other exciting things for my new place. Of course, I had to check the plant department. They had much better plants than usual this year. I suspect that they are trying to regain the business they lost when the new Lowe's store opened.

I got a beautiful potted Yves St Laurent rose - I had been wanting to grow that one for a long time, but hadn't seen it for sale. I was tempted by other roses and gorgeous potted gardenias, but it was enough of a challenge bringing one potted rose on the bus. Last week I brought a small pitchfork. The things we gardeners do for our plants.

I picked up a few small veggie starts. Moving interrupted my veggie seed starting plans this year. I got Mortgage Lifter, Roma, Black Prince tomatoes, a Carmen pepper a Japanese eggplant and a pineapple sage. I have grown Mortgage lifter, roma and pineapple sage before. The rest are new for me. I have also been starting seeds in containers outdoors following the Farmer's Almanac planting schedule for my zip code. I don't have a veggie garden space ready, yet. I would eventually like to build a few raised beds to grow veggies by the square foot method. This season, I will fit some three sisters plantings in the yard while some things will be in pots.

Heavy rain is forecasted tomorrow so the gardening will have to wait for the weekend. I have plenty of things to do indoors. My place looks like a maze of cardboard boxes. Grumpypants dropped off a new to me computer to config and a box of parts. It will be my first 64 bit fully sata machine. I am just switching to Windows 7. As I have mentioned, I run old machines refurbished by grumpypants and/or me. It saves money but generates aggravation at times. If anyone needs any "vintage" computer cards let me know. I have several boxes of them to offer to friends and/or freecycle once I finish the latest upgrades.

Grumpypants also got a stainless steel interior Amana microwave for me from freecycle. I had given my older Panasonic microwave away when I moved last year because the previous new place had a built in new combo GE microwave/range vent. I regretted it because my old microwave was much quicker -- than the fancypants GE one. It took twice as long to microwave popcorn. I microwave popcorn kernels with olive oil and/or butter and salt in a covered Pyrex bowl. It is tastier and healthier than the packaged microwave popcorn.

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