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May 28, 2014 11:36 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Joseph.... Stunning pic of the red pea pod. Looks like a masterpiece painting. How's it taste or haven't you tried it yet? Is the fruit red too? I think that would be neat to see a row or two of red pea pods.

Wild... Glad ya finally got some peas growed. Fresh from the garden sure does taste different doesn't it. Big Grin

Misti... If your pea plants are badly coated, even several milk treatments may not be able to stop it. I know your plants are still producing, but number of pods and peas per pod will go down drastically as the mildew spreads. You might just want to consider bagging the plants and than pulling them up and destroying them especially if you have other plants like your cukes and squash and stuff going. Erysiphe polygoni can spread and it won't take but a good wind or spores being spread from water to infect the rest of your crop. Usually Erysiphe comes when temps are starting to get high and you have a lot of moisture and humidity in the air.

If it was me, I would bag, pull destroy and replant in a different area for fall. Peas are fast growers and you'll probably get a bigger crop once the temps cool. I know for my area, peas have to be planted in Feb for them to grow and get a crop before the heat burns em up. No peas this year here because of the unreal cold and than flooding rains.

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