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Jun 1, 2014 5:22 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
We have fooled ya weather going on here. Supposed to have rain showers everyday a good chance. Ya right. Not my area. If you water than it rains, don't because it thunders and lightening like crazy and it won't.

Soon as it starts getting light I am out and working. Love the cool morning time to get stuff done. When it hits 90 and above during afternoon and humidity so high your sweat starts to sweat it nap time til about 4 than it back outside til dark.

85 during day is ok and feels good and I can handle but when it hits them 90's and humidity almost 100% I wilt as bad as my plants do.

We have a new person joining us and will be joining the piggy swap. Her name is Shirley777. She was finally able to get registered and online here.

Welcome Shirley. !!!!!! Don't be shy. Feel free to chat. Ask questions or toss out feelings and thoughts. Got a real good bunch of friendly folks here so make yourself to home. We'll get ya set up with a database too for the swap so you can start practicing a bit. Don't worry about making mistakes. We all do, me included.

Which reminds me, folks start thinking about this years swap and inviting your friends from other sites and getting them to start saving or shopping for some seed.

Arlene.. Glad you had a good day at market. Ours was so slow, we all could have stayed home. Too much happening around town. Several programs benefiting feeding hungry children during the summer now that school out and a few other major events going on.

Kentucky Wonder is a hardy bean. They a very popular bean and one most folks plant all down around here. They a fairly good producer too. Not too many problems with them either. If you have the room, I would go ahead and plant them. They will sell well for you at the market.

Misti... Awwwwwwwww. They so cute when they tiny. Hope they all make it to adult hood.
I had something that had laid about 60 eggs on one of my Sacred Lotus Banana leaves and I was watching it to see if it was going to hatch Lady bugs or flea beetles and overnight something came and munched every egg up. They did a bit of damage to the leaf trying to munch the eggs off, now I have no idea what it was.

Oh... Has anybody ever seen a cuke plant with variegated leaves before? I haven't til now. Got a misfit seed from the package it seems. Hope it continues to variegate. If it does will be interesting to see what the cukes turn out to be.

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