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Jun 2, 2014 10:52 PM CST
Name: aka GardenQuilts
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and the beloved Winston the pug
Love the red snow pea, Joseph. I hope that it tastes as good as it looks. It would be even better if it stays red after cooking. Keep us posted on the magic snowpeas!

Misti, can you raise some of your squash off the ground on trellis? That may help the mildew. You can burn roses if you spray neems when the temps are over 85'F. I am not sure about veggies, but I would be careful.

The birds are enjoying my late sowing efforts. I suspect that they think I planted gourmet sprouts for them. I covered the containers of seeds with a bird net. The few in the ground are fending for themselves. The butterflies, on the other hand, are hovering over my yard disappointed. They see all of these new plants, but there aren't many flowers yet.

I have some reseeding perennials like agastache, columbine and campanula in some of the pots. Self sowing in transit, what a nice surprise.

The tomato and other veggie plants I picked up at the store are doing very well in their pots. This gardening season isn't going as planned due to the move, but I should at least have some fresh tomatoes this season. The future veggie garden is occupied by the pot ghetto now.

The deer and bunnies have been leaving my yard alone so far. I made pepper spray for the bunnies and am trying some diy recipes for deer repellant. My neighbor has had good results with a commercial spray. I read the ingredients - eggs, milk solids, garlic, thyme oil. I thought $20 was expensive for a small bottle of eggs, milk and spices. My current deer spray has eggs, powdered milk, pepper, soap and water. It smells like sour milk when I spray it, but the smell dissipates. When I moved, I found soap that I don't like in the linen closet. I have been crocheting soap bags to hang on the trees at deer nose heights.

I am finding lots of rocks. Big rocks. I am trying to plant my roses and shrubs first, then fill in with perennials. However, I keep hitting rocks too big to move. I was trying to dig two really deep holes to put my poor lilacs into the ground. They have been growing in really big pots, but need to get in the ground. They are still in their respective pots, but I planted daylilies in the holes avoiding the big rocks. I covered the mess up and placed stepping stones. I am working around the rocks and tree stumps.

I am proud that I managed to get a symmetrical circle of roses. I checked the location of each of 4 roses before planting any. I was glad that I was able to plant them without hitting any huge rocks. It will be a circle of 4 pink roses with a light blue/lavender clematis on a creative trellis in the middle. I have three roses - Tiffany, Chicago Peace and Yves St. Laurent. I need to choose another pink, bicolor or perhaps yellow rose to complete that planting. I sowed alyssum around the outside of the circle and will add nepeta in the inner circle when I find the seeds.

I am still having issues with low water pressure. The water guy will be here 8am. They will be going into the crawl space to replace the water meter and check for problems. Never had a crawl space before - I imagine spiders and scary damp things.

I am holding off planting the hostas in the shady bed on the side of the house with the water meter in case they have to dig up the line. My neighbor shared some perennial geraniums that he was thinning out of his garden bed. I thought they would be the perfect ground cover for the front strip by the road. They may have to be dug up if the water company digs up the road.

Winston the pug wishes that I would spend more time cooking and less gardening. He gets really grumpy around 5 pm if I don't take a dinner break. He was also upset that I was working inside today instead of enjoying the beautiful weather. It feels like it has gone from winter to summer, but it is pleasant in the morning and evening.

Bella the stealth cat likes the sewing room. She also has a favorite window in the living room. She is almost acting like her regular self again.

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