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Aug 7, 2014 5:48 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
I feel like a giant sweat mess. I love the heat but these 100+days and humidity are literally draining all the energy right out of me and the plants. Hopefully we only will have a few more weeks of it and than cooler temps will be moving in. Love them 80F days.

Wild.. thanks for the recipe and you to Misti. Gonna give them both a try.

Joseph. ... What pretty Dahlias. Those look like the decorative ones. Yep you could maybe save a few blooms for seed and take the rest as a small bouquet maybe with some other flowers to sell at the market. I hope the tubers are tasty and that you don't get a tummy ache from them. I still can't wrap my brain around eating them. Maybe it's because of considering them as a decorative flower for so long.

One of the things though that does cross my mind is the fact that is they are edible with no bad after effects than maybe the tubers could be used not only as an edible food, but used to produce other good plant based products, say for shampoo for instance. I would rather use a Dahlia shampoo on my head than the bamboo a lot of folks are using now.

Oh WIld..... Before I forget.... You was right. Even though I scouted and scouted and didn't find the first tomato hornworm, tonight I went out to water and I was standing back and happened to notice a bunch of white on one of the stems almost hidden by a leaf. I said darn got me a bunch of scale and went to go and squish it all and pulled my fingers back at the last second. I said that's not scale, boy oh boy that a ton of eggs and was wondering what insect had laid so many eggs and was starting to go through my head for size and color and pattern when I saw the eggs move.

Wasn't scale I was looking at but this:

Thumb of 2014-08-07/starlight1153/b151c9

Normally when I find a hornworm I pull it off and squish it or throw it off in the back field for the birds to eat, but this hornworm gets to munch a bit longer on the plant unless a bird finds him first as every one of those eggs is a beneficial wasp. Hurray! Been awhile since I have seen the wasp eggs. Usually I find them enbedded on the backs of the inch worms that love to devour the snapdragons.

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