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Aug 11, 2014 11:19 AM CST
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Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Oh my Joseph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it not funny, but can't help it. Just have this picture in my head of your veggie picking basket going one way. Tools going another and you high-tailing it still another.

Of all the critters I could think of off hand the idea of a skunk has never crossed my mind. No offense my fiend, but glad you having to deal with it and not me. If it was here I'd be doing one of two things, either trying to make sure it had enough food or spending all my time in tomato juice baths.

That is going to be one critter I think you may have trouble getting rid of. Is there even anything you can do? Sure hope no dogs try and chase it. Do you think you just have one or a whole family and relatives out there?

Skunks and porcupines, especially the second. Two real nasty critters.

I've had several more armadillos this year in the yard than I normally do. Have no idea where they coming in from.

We finally got some rain Saturday night. Was so glad. It least it cooled things for a few hours.

If any of you comes across an onion called Red Burgermeister, I'd like to try and get a hold of it. They say that it is no longer being produced. If there is any of it any where's would like to try and get some just to keep it out of extinction.

My puter won't open that nature link for me. Not enough power I guess, but I don't know about anybody else, but I do try and see if I can get things maybe that are older and starting to disappear. Yes, we have new varieties and such, but with weather conditions changing constantly you never know if maybe it will take an older or discontinued seed to maybe now grow in that area.

West Coast.... How ya holding with the heat and the fires? News tells us here that it getting worse and worse for you. Hope you and your families and friends all stay safe.

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