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Aug 18, 2014 8:16 AM CST
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Morning all!!!!!! Finally cool enough for a few to get back online. Not for long though. Gonn abe an extreme heat and humidity week. Not sure how much more of this heat and humidity the body can take. The plants are barely hanging on even with shade cloth up trying to save the most important plants.

I can't believe we getting more heat at this time of the year. Thank goodness we have been getting a little rain on and off. The other morning it was so cool actually had to get out sweats and a jacket for a few hours. This morning it stripping down to bare min of clothes of already this morning.

Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Too funny about using a gun on the roaches. Good idea though. Only thing is there probably more roaches than bullets around. Need and love the rain, but sure do hate when it does only because it sends those big wood roaches all over the place.

That is good news about the Red Burgermeister onion. The article I was reading didn't mention why it was no longer in production. I know sometimes you have flowers that get pulled out of production because growers complain of the hybrids not being stable enough for them even after so many years of trial gardens saying they are, but you usually don't hear to much about food production plants being pulled.

I still hope to give it a try. I keep hoping I will find an onion that does well down here. With the heat and humidity it is hard to grow them. Spring rains and floods usually will mold and rot them.

Most of the time I am a pretty laid back person. Oh I fuss and mumble and grumble like most folks, but thursday evening, boy I was like a crazy lady. I blew a fuse and a half. I was spitting and it wasn't cherry seeds either I was spitting out.

Been many many years since I have had such a bad year of growing. Between the weather and the theifs it just about enough to make ya give up trying. Good thing I a die hard gardener and full of optimism. For the second time I put out some cukes and these were doing really good. They was making it through the heat and drought and no signs of powdery mildew at all and vines running , loaded with blooms and making cukes.

I was so happy and had been babying them plants. I had things to do and when I came home that night and went to water I about cried. Neighbor has bout 100 chickens now, not properly cared for and they went through my garden and destroyed tomatoes and every cuke I had and the plants. Had dang chickens not only all over my garden but under my trailer. I went from weeping to seeing red.

I hate being ugly, but told her f she didn't get them chickens rounded up and in pens that I was calling the sheriffs. For months I have been chasing them out of my yard. Thursday and seeing what little bit of plants and food I was trying to save destroyed after all that work I blew a fuse.

I expect losses from wild critters. That can't be helped and that mother nature at work. An escaped animal once in a while can't be helped, but to purposely let your animals loose that a different story.

Joseph. ... I feel bad for you and your corn. You do grow some of the prettiest ears I have ever seen. If you let them have the corn, I would be worried about them coming back year after year with all the relatives in tow.

Have you seen this:

They say what works for racoons will work on skunks too.

This site has a bunch of ideas too. Scroll down to number 14 under racoons and skunks to the part about soaking cobs in vinegar. I know you taste test your cobs, maybe taste a bit and soak the rest and toss it out there for them to get a mouthful of vinegar might slow them down.

And Mother Earth News has some good advice too, not only for the skunks, but also for groundhogs and other critters too.

I checked on my hornworm and the eggs finally hatched most of them and it is just a dired up piece of black blob now and I have a bunch of new beneficials. Just hope they don't like humans.

I finally have a few heirloom tomatoes putting out blossoms and a couple finally even starting to make some tomatoes. I so hope they make it.

The tomato Geranium Kiss has the most beautiful foliage I have ever seen. The plants leaves look just more or less like those of a geranium plant. The plant is compact and so far the only draw back I have seen to it is that it grows slow like a geranium. I am hoping I get to see at least one tomato before the cold sets in. I may even dig it up and bring it in the house it so unusual doesn't look like it will get much bigger than most house plants so far.

Joseph.... Your market table is yummy looking. Grapes was$4.98 a pound here at the store the other day. Corner store had cukes for $1.89 each. Unreal. The worst was tiny pathetic heads of lettuce for $2.98. They looked like they was wilted and than somebody frozen them and than put out on the shelves. Grumbling

Oh, I thought about you the other day. Was watching I think it was America Now and they had the cooking lady on there with tips and such. She was talking about blue potatoes. How of all the potatoes the blue ones had the most nutritional value. I saw all them blue potatoes in a basket and thought of you immediately and your seed potato crops. Do the blue potatoes make true seed?

If so do you have any seed available of the blue potato true seed? Trying to grow potatoes in the ground here is a lost cause, but I have been going around and gathering up broken big blue tubs that folks throw out. Don't need the lids and holes in them are great. Was sitting on my steps with coffee looking at the one I was pots in and said hey, as big as they are, they would be perfect size for growing smaller potatoes in. Folks are always throwing them big totes out. Plenty of room to grow other veggies and such in too to keep critters out of.

Not only are they deep enough for most things, beats building wood beds and you can move them around if you have too. A hand truck works great when you need to move from extreme heat to the shade.

Ok, off to go see what seed pods I can pick before we get some rain, hopefully today. If nothing else at least it lowers the temps a bit.

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