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Aug 26, 2014 9:11 PM CST
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Hi CritterG. ... Gonnna call you CritterG if you don't mind as we also have a Critterologist, shortened to Critter, so I don't get ya all confused.

Nope you haven't missed Piggy Swap for this year. I'm working on the rules now and will be posting them soon. It won't be long though, not too many weeks til Early Sign-up sheet starts and the database is open for folks to go ahead and get things set up now if they want.

The Swap always looks scary to newbies, but after ya make your first couple of oinks, you'll be slinging mud right along with the rest of the piggies.

This is what Corey called his cheat sheet for the swap. Maybe it will make it easier for you to follow. This is last year. New rules and such will be posted later.

Quoting:to oink:

- First, post the request on the forum "Oink Thread".
- Then cmail the person you are oinking from.

- limit of 20 oinks per day (other than oinking from Tuink))
- limit of 100 oinks total (unless Ella increases it later) Which she usually does if piggies are respectful to each other.

To confirm an oink:

- return the cmail that requested it. Say you still had it left, and they can have it.
- also post in the oink thread that you confirm those oinks.
- RECORD in your HAVE list who you promised that pkt to,
- when you're OUT of something, mark it OUT in your HAVE list
- update your HAVE list in the database daily or so, so people know when you are OUT of some item.


- Don't promise more seeds than you have, or you will give away your last seed and split pkts smaller than you intended.

- Save some oinks for the last 2-3 weeks of the swap, when people add more seeds to their HAVE lists. You can always keep a list of things you want to go back for, if you have left-over oinks.

- Only oink for the things you want MOST, because you will find more things later, that you want even more.

- Probably keep track of what you have already oinked FOR, from each person, so you don't oink for the same thing twice. I keep catching myself being greedy! Maybe only update that list after the person confirmed that you DID get that pkt you oinked for.

- It is smart to know how many pkts of each thing you can spare, before things get frenzied.

- It is handy to keep your list of "HAVES" on a Word document on your PC, backed up. It's too easy to lose the text in the database. And it's easier to edit and back up in Word.

- It is handy to keep another list, listed in order by the person you promised things TO. That's double-entry, but saves time later. And I think this is the most important list!
- - - It's nice to list people in alphabetical order, so you can find them
- - - I keep names in bold print, highlighted in 24-point font in my Word doc, so I can scan two pages at a time and still read the names.

If you get overwhelmed, just stop oinking. Take a deep breath. Get yourself caught up then jump right back in.

For everybody.... That about the way it goes, except that the number of oinks per day will be changing. Oinks per day this year will be a lot lower. We have alot of folks scattered across not only this country but overseas too and the time zones are all over the place, plus we have folks that work all different shifts and some folks never get a chance at new seed or something they may really want because it all oinked up before they able to get on, so I am hoping that with having less oinks per day, more folks will be able to get a chance at getting some good stuff they want too.

Oh ya.... I think the first year Joseph joined he must have sent about 25 pounds of corn alone. I had never seen so much corn seed at once in my life. Hilarious! I gave out to those who asked plus extra to those who asked, but sent extra back so it wouldn't get wasted and somebody else who may have wanted or need corn could get some.

Joseph... I am drooling like crazy looking at them maters. Maters are like gold around here this year. All the failed crops from tornadoes and floods and than blistering heat and drought , there is hardly a home grown tomato available anywhere.

I saw on news where Utah was getting snow and thought about you and wondered if you was going to have to start harvesting like crazy to beat the first frost.

I am about ready for some cooler temps. I know I can't take much more of this heat. We hit 117F with humidity the other day. I never been in heat this hot for days on end as long as I been down here. I was looking at tops of my trees tonight and the tops are all burned up. PLants frying up like crazy of course the weeds still growing and having a happy time of it.

Normally it time to put in a fall crop, ain't no way this year unless we get some cooling and fast.

How you Texas folks doing and your animals? I know you blistering in this heat too.

Danita... About how many years before The Cherry Queen Salvia gets a bloom? They still hanging in there and are slowly growing, but they starting to look like a Salvia bush.

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