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Aug 27, 2014 9:22 AM CST
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I need to go Spain and let folks throw tomatoes at me just so I can catch them and find me a private corner and gorge myself on fresh tomatoes. I've got a few heirlooms trying to make a few maters but they barely a 1/4" big right now. Sure hope they grow in a hurry. I know if they do, I'll be savoring each bite.

Have any of you cooked with Spagetti Squash? I keep hearing on tv about how you can use it instead of rice and just add spagetti sauce to top of it, but I don't know how to cook it and also if you cook it like rice, how long will it be good in the fridge for . There no way I can eat a whole spagetti squash in one sitting, but I don't want to make myself sick two days later eating it if it only good for one day.

I feel like I have a onesie garden this year. I getting one of this and one of that, but am glad of even that. At least it means a few seeds.

Oh Joseph, I sure gonna ask for some of your gr-grandfather's wheat. What year does it go back too again? I know you said one time, but I done forgot and can't find the post.

On those blue potatoes does the earthy taste come from raw tasting or after they cooked. I actually like the taste of the smaller true potaoes better than the big ones. With using totes to grow taters in next year I gonna be so happy that I found a way to out smart the volves and other ground critters that keep eating the crop.

Of course neighbors are gonna wonder what in the heck going on with colored totes all over the yard. Oh well, they can just say crazy lady at it again. But I gonna out smart some of these critters yet. Whistling Hilarious!

I about wet my pants big time yesterday. Went to bend down to pick a pepper and had my fingers bitten. First immediate thought was snake got me. Than I looked at finger and saw it was more of a critter bite. Got down close to look and had one irate guinnie looking back at me. Guess she decided under the pepper plant table was a perfect spot for her to lay eggs. Ugggggg now I gotta figure out how to get her and her eggs moved.

Well it not getting any cooler outside so gonna head on out. Wonder what adventure I gonna have today. Hilarious!

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