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Sep 1, 2014 7:41 AM CST
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Drooling That's not a drool for something good, that is a drool for where I am just a puddle of mush. I love the heat and can take alot of it, but it finally getting the better of me. I am so tired of the body being hot. Makes my mind mush too. Heck it so hot you could probably put eggs on my stomach and fry them. Body can't even get any rest cuz your taking quickie showers to try and cool down in the middle of the night.

Oh I keep forgetting to tell ya. I was watching tv and couldn't believe what was on the news. Now I have seen folks pick seeds here and there from other folks plants or from stores. I have seen folks help themselves to a pinch of a plant here and there and have even had whole plants disappear from my yard along with other folks, but never, never have I seen or heard of this...

The tv showed two women caught on camera stealing somebody's newly laid grass. They just started rolling the grass up and loading into their vechile and it even showed them stopping for a few to take a cig break before going back to rolling and loading the grass. It was unreal to see. Takes plant thievery to a whole new level. Wish they would have shown the owners looks when they came out to find their new lawn gone. Haven't heard if they caught them or not. Takes all kinds of folks I guess.

Joseph.... Wow! You really got a good crop going on this year. Table and veggies sure are looking good. Your Dahlias looking beautiful too. If you have some ice water you could take a few bouquets to market to sell too.

If we don't get some cool temps here in the next few weeks there won't be any cool crops going in this year.

I wanna dive into that box of beans. Looking good. Lots of gas in that box too. Hilarious!

I hated brussell sprouts as a kid. Now I like them if they cooked well done. I like mine boiled in water til they soft all the way threw and than smothered in butter and salt.

CritterG... Haven't heard about making an X before but will give it a try. Makes a bunch of sense especially since that the part that always seem harder to chew and swallow.

Has anybody started sowing seed for fall perennials yet for winter sowing or is it too early for that yet? I been looking through some of my seed trying to decide what to try and maybe start for this fall, that is if fall ever comes, but kinda scared after all the loss of last winter. Still trying to clean up the pot getto areas. Anybody else gonna do some winter sowing this year?

My quinny finally has moved. I waited til she was out hunting bugs and got that egg. I kinda felt bad taking it, but the omelet it made was pretty good Whistling Whistling Big Grin .

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