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Sep 3, 2014 7:17 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Nothing like starting the morning out with a good scream. Great way to get the blood pumping that is if the heart doesn't go into shock first. Had to run to corner store to get some more sugar. So hot here that the hummers are drinking a feeder full of sugar water a day and now even a few bees are starting to raid the hummer feeder for water. Why was I screaming? Oh ya..... I opened vechile door jumped in, turned on ignition went to go to put foot on brake before putting in gear and felt something slither over my foot. I looked down and all I saw was tail.

Man I screamed, opened car door and bout hurt myself trying to get out. All I could think of was baby snake. When I picked myself up and carefully looked into vechile, there sitting on the cushion on my seat was a baby lizard looking at me like I had lost my mind and he was like telling me, " Well what's the hold up lady, get in I'll drive."

I tell ya, my old ticker sure don't need surprises like that so early in the morning. He didn't get to go for a ride. Since I knew he didn't have a drivers license I grabbed the cushion and put him out back into the yard. Told him to hitch a ride with somebody else.

Doors all shut, windows all shut and still critters manage to get into car. Worst I hate is when driving and next thing ya know you have a spider hanging down from visor looking at you or one on the wheel right where you want to place your hands.

Joseph... Be glad to send you some heat if I could. 103F with humidity yesterday. Another hot one of the same today. Saw your box of grapes. Awesome crop you have this year. Lots of jelly making I envision. Of course you could always make you a little wine to stay warm with. Hilarious! Do you take and root your own cuttings and than graft or did you bring in established vines? Are you using the "T" method too stake them? What are grapes going for out your way? Corner store was selling them for $3.98 a pound. I walked on by and got some Walmart. Theirs were $1.89 a pound.

I can't even harvest an of the muscadines I have here. Too many squirrels. They raid and munch before you even have a chance to get one yourself. Some days I do get tired of feeding the critters. Wouldn't be so bad if they would share, but nope they got to be pigs and hog all the fruits. Glare

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