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Sep 9, 2014 7:58 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Getting ready for another hot humid day. Ugggggggggg. Only thing good has been the fact that the heat and high humidity has brought us rain storms the past few days. Almost too much rain. Don't mind the rain, but have had wicked winds and so much thunder and lightening with it. Got caught waiting to late the other day or probably would have headed for a shelter. Hours of thunder and lightening had me nervous as a cat and about jumping out of my skin wondering if it was gonna hit the trailer. Several folks did have that problem and homes and businesses were lost.

Eck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drove down to corner store the other day and was so busy watching pot holes and trying to swerve around them that I was too late to miss hitting a small one crossing the road. I was in panci mode and still checking tires everyday cuz as I ran over it I heard a giant pop. Freaked me out. Body shook all the way to store and home. It must be getting time for migration as I am seeing loads of snakes on theroad again. As llong as they stay there and out of my path I am happy. At least I thought I had the van trained to climb trees if it seen one on the road instead of hitting it. Guess I was wrong . Hilarious!

Jonna... Glad to see you. Hope you doing better. What yummy looking plants. Glad you still having a good growing season. Will you have friends to come this year and help you harvest or do the things that you might need help with?

Joseph... Dr. Dozier... Professor and breeder of fruit trees plants his first in pots. He uses tree pots. They skinnier on the top and long and slim on the bottom to promote root growth down. If he out of them he uses one gallon pots. He'll leave them grow and do evaluations for one or two years from the pots and than he will move them to a field. He plants the seedlings about a foot apart and lets them grow like that, prunning and trimming to shape til they about 3 to 4" tall and than will dig up and sell bareroot or move to larger pot or ground for production.

Saw the news this morning. Saw that a giant cold front coming down from Canada. Crazy and extreme weather conditions all this year and now a major cold font already coming. Hope ya all don't have your plants frosted already.

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