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Sep 14, 2014 6:40 PM CST
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Hilarious! Kicking and hitting bean bags ... that sure sounds like a good way to work off a mad. Big Grin

Been one of them days with the critters, again. It started last night. There I was tired, hot and sweaty and just waiting for a breeze to come through the front door screen. I was streched out on the couch, reading a book and sucking up a third bottle of ice cold water to try and cool down when zap. Something hit me right square between my eyebrows. First thing I did was swat at it. I new it was of a good size and figured that it was probably one of them dang flying wood roaches. They so bad this year. I think they wait until you open the door and then fly in. It the devil to chase and kill them too.

Anyways, I started looking all around trying to find out what got me. I'm looking and looking and there on the ceiling above me, I said Ahhhhhahhhhhhhhh! Then I said hello! There was a fairly good size praying mantis. I'm thinking to myself that I need to change shampoos or soap or something having first dragonflies and now a praying mantis trying to snuggle up.

I spent about two hours trying to chase it around from ceiling to curtains to walls with no luck. Finally I shut the front door, said sorry buddy you gonna have to spend the night indoors. I did put out a little dish of water in case it got thirsty. Need to help all the beneficials I can.

Went back to reading, watched a bit of tv and fell a sleep til about 3 when I felt something smack me in the face again. Darn if it wasn't the mantis again. Finally chased it off and went back to sleep. This morning I opened all the doors and finally got it outside. Told it to go eat a few bad bugs and figured that was that. It was, until about 2 hours later and zap, back in the face again. By this time I was getting a little bit ticked. Back out the door and got it in a pot and took it out to the far side of the yard to some plants. Hopefully it will stay there.

I wondered why it kept going for the face and was told that they do because they give off a poison that will blind their pray so they can kill it. Don't know if that is true or not . Later when I get a chance will hunt to find out more about them and their attack modes.

Than this evening I waited and waited to see if any rain would come and when it didn't. I dragged out the hoses and got to watering. I finished up, walked turned the water off, was heading back around trailer to park my rump and finish my coffee and watch the hummers when just as I was ready to put my flip flop foot down a tween rattler slithered at the end of my foot.

heart went into panic mode in like two second flat. I was shaking like aleaf and knowing that rattler was up under my trailer. Went and got one of the neighbors to come bring his gun. I can nevr find a shovel when I want one, but I was thinking even though this snake wasn't very wide it was about 3 to 4 feet long and I didn't know if I could chop it without getting bit.

We pulled all the under pinning off from that area and sure enough it was still there hiding under some leaves. He got it. Thank goodness. Out to the back field it got tossed. They just had on news here how down here we have more snakes this year than ever before. Which means it only gonna get worse. I seriously thinking I would rather put up with 3 feet of snow and a long cold winter not to have to deal with so many snakes and it getting worse as more and more neighbors are raising chickens to get organic food.

Than as we walking back to driveway, something else jumped in front of my feet. I yelped, he pulled out his gun, but this time it was one of my big old toads that got under our feet. It's take me about 2 hours to finally calm all back down, but at least I can sleep peacefully tonight. Tomorrow I'll wonder where the brothers and sis's are hiding.

Chelle... Pretty flowers. I like Gaillardia's. They seem to hold up to heat and drought fairly well.

Danita.... Yippee!!!!!!! My hummers are saying Thank you. Finally, my Salvia Cherry Queen shrubs are blooming. Wow.. That a really wild cherry color on them too. I love it. I didn't think they was gonna do anything this year and was thinking I probably should transplant them and when I was watering, there a couple of the plants had blooms. I so tickled. It so nice to see anything finally be blooming after such a lousy season. The hummers working them blooms like crazy.

Does anybody know what Yarrow seeds look like off hand. I have some somewhere, but can't find them and I cut all the dried stems off of the think it called Spring time Colors Yarrow , but I don't see a seed, seed, a hard one anyways and I wonder what I should be looking for.

For some tiny seed to clean too, a potato ricer works good too. I thiink that is what you call them. You put a potato in and press and it comes out looking like rice grains. Works great for cleaning tomato, squash, melon and other seed with a gooey coating.

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