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Sep 18, 2014 12:33 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Critter.... You and me both.

Because..... Unreal. There I am baking cookies and went to sink to clean cookie sheet and get ready for another batch and there, flying right to the egg beater in front of me lands the mantis right back. Heck I figured it would be a couple of days before maybe it would try and come back in, but nope just a couple of hours even after I took it out back door this time. It made it from back yard right back into the front door. Blinking Blinking

Don't think it my glasses cuz working up close I don't wear them. I took the egg beater with Buddy on it and stared back at it and tried to have a talk with a mantis about how the house is not the place for it. It just looked back at me like,... like.. I don't know what. Sure hope it ain't lust. Rolling on the floor laughing

I know there no egg case in the house. Haven't even seen one in the yard. Nothing that I can see or even think would keep attracting it. I have seeds laying out all over counter drying, but they been there days before the mantis even showed up. I am stumped. Maybe it wants me to find or make it some food like I do for the hummers and such. Driving me crazy trying to figure this one out. I not even sure all what they eat. Spiders and gnats and small bugs are all outside. Batteries totally dead in camera or would have taken pic of it on egg beater heading back outside and also had to chase my lizard back outside this morning. It crawled onto the front door screen but figured out how to get on the inside of it to sun. Lippy the lizard always getting in and out.

Just hope it stays out. Too hot to totally close the front door.

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