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Oct 8, 2014 3:17 PM CST
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You got that right Dayjilly. I got seed all over the place. Now it is a matter of where to begin. Probably gonna start with sorting and packaging all the pepper seed first, especially the hot ones. Tired of moving drying plates to make my food and accidentally getting a seed in my meal that sending me looking for a water faucet and quick. Hilarious! It amazing how such a tiny seed can create such a powerful burning .

We've had a couple of cloudy and breezy days which has made it nice to get outside. Humidity down, able to breath again and don't have to fight off skeeters til evening time. Lizards have come back out to play. My hummers are going crazy defending their feeders from migrating hummers. Love to watch and listen to them squabble and fuss. Big Grin

I wish some plants would hurry up and finish making their seed and it get ripe. I checking things twice a day. Have too because while I'm eying the plants, so are a whole family and then some of chipmunks too. It's a race to see who gets there first. Sometimes it's me, sometimes it them.

I have noticed my one older chipmunk has widen hid tunnels this year. Guess he got tired of stuffing his pouches up and not being able to get back down his holes. Finally got smart he did, so he wouldn't have to sit his seeds back out and make half a dozen trips. Sure was fun watching him though. Hilarious!

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