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Oct 9, 2014 12:56 AM CST
Name: Jonna
Belgium, Europe
joseph wrote:I made the jump to the new chat thread... Still wondering about whether or not to join the swap this year. I've been among the last piggies the last two years, and that bothers me. Don't know if I have the organizational skills to stay on top of things and actually mail seeds timely. Any suggestions???

Joseph: this might work for you:
Start making individual seedpacks now. After being a piggy since several years, you know what kind of seeds are populair.
Only offer the seeds that you already packed.
As soon as you have time, you can make more individual packs, but don't offer any seed that is not already packed!
Store the seeds in alphabetical order in a box
Take another box and a bunch of paper bags. As soon as the participants list is ready, put the names on the paper bags.
As soon as a piggy oinks for your seed, you'll just have to drop the pack in the paper bag with the right name.
At the end you'll only have to make a note on the bags with the amount of seed packets per person and pack everything in a box to send to Ella.
Start looking for a box to send in the seeds NOW. If you are busy that might be a thing that you won't have time for at the end.
Important: Even if piggies ask for seed and you have it, don't offer it before you made individual packs of it and stored them in the box in alphabetical order That's where it goes wrong: you might have forgotten where you left the seeds, you have no time to make individual packs, you are out of labels, the seeds are not dry enough yet, etc.
For example: if I ask you if you have fava beans, just answer that you will have a look and that you will offer them when you have them. Only when you first packed them in individual packs you can offer them. If you have no time in advance to pack them, just don't offer them!
Scedule a date in your agenda or calender to pack the seeds and bring the box to the postoffice. Scedule that date asap after December 10th, so if something unexpecting shows up, you will have a few more days.

Print this message, read it a few times before the piggy swap starts, pin it somewhere where you can read it when you are in the temptation to offer something you haven't already packed.

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