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Oct 9, 2014 5:46 AM CST
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Jonna.... That is excellent advice not only for Joseph, but for everybody. Hurray! Even for me to follow. *Blush* I'm probably one of the most organized of disorganized folks around. Hilarious!

Joseph... I know you and a few others are what I call real farmers. You have big fields to maintain and harvest. Than you have to sort and dry and everything else and I know that your crops are your mainstay of incomes and that has to come first. I plan for it.

Jonna is right. It goes alot easier if you start now and even if you do just a couple packets of a seed that you have ready. If all you have time for is to make 6 packets of that seed, than just make the 6 packets. Add 6 packs to your database and when you have time to do the next seed, do it and post it. If you run out, you run out, but that way like Jonna said, it all done and ready and won't stress you out at the end.

There always has been and always will be folks who are late. It just a fact of the swap. Folks get sick, family gets sick, bad weather hits, lots of bad weather some years, and life in general gets in the way. Even I have run late from weather here or when my son was coming home on leave. I don't mind folks being a bit late. I plan for it and expect it. I just would like folks to have stuff in before spring rolls around. Rolling on the floor laughing

I always have folks that have emergencies or something at the end and that can't get all their stuff together. I have no problem with that. They just plop it all in a box, mail it to me and I go through and make up the packets for them. I even add the seed to their databases if need be. I do it every year for those who need help. It's no sweat. I don't mind helping. We can't predict what will happen from day to day and even the most organized folks sometimes need help. I don't mind helping at all, as long as folks let me know what is going on.

The whole key is communication. I can deal with anything as long as I know what is going on. All I need is folks to send me a cmail saying ," hey I running late or I need help" and I am happy as a pig in a poke and go with the flow. Easy pea-sy. What's hard to deal with is when folks don't tell me anything or answer cmails. for weeks on end after the mailing date. Than I don't know if somebody is still in or out. Folks know things happen and have always been patient as long as they know what is happening. It's silence that gets frustrating. If anybody has a problem, an emergency or whatever, nobody should be afraid to say I running late or need help. I don't pin tails or ears for that. Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

I am posting here and on the Sign-Up thread. I don't know if somebody just practicing or made a mistake and just started over, but I have in the seed databases this " [ " for an entry. I have no idea who it is. Without a name it will just show up blank. So make sure the first thing you do is put in your screen name and Save it. That way you can find it and we can help you if need be and than just click Edit to add or delete things. Feel free to holler if you need help. I'll leave the " [ " unknown database up for a couple of days incase somebody wants to claim it or they will have to start a new one.

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