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Oct 14, 2014 3:06 PM CST
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Boy what a night and day of rough winds and three inches of rain. Rain just stopped a bit ago so I could get back online. Running at about half power as the storms are still over my servers area. Walked outside and walked right back in and got some warmer clothes on. Rain moved out but the cold front moved in. Dropped 30F overnight.

Branches all over the place. Wind still knocking them down along with the leaves and the nuts. Went to take trash to road and just barely missed getting hit in the head from a falling branch.

Joseph.... Oh yes, I remember them cactus seeds. Had some that were cleaned and than the ones somebody sent that had gotten mushed in transport and I know what a mess they was when they got sent to you. They must take a long time to germinate as I have tons of fruits on mine and I just let them do their thing, but I don't find new plants all over the place. I thought I had lost all my patches this past winter, but they did come back. They looked like a pile of mush from winter, but once the warm weather kicked in they came back and plumped all back up.

For your pecan seedlings this is what Professor Eakes told us. Of course you'll have to make the adjustment for the different temps between our Christmas week weather and yours now or soon.

" Tap root system when young that becomes fibrous when the tree gets older. Plant in the dormant season (Nov-March) Always plant trees less than 8" tall unless they are container grown. My father always said for best results transplant pecan trees small and transplant them Christmas week. "

Usually temps here around Christmas week are low 40's during the day and 28-35F at night. Of course crazy weather past couple of years has changed that.

If your interested in some hickory nuts let me know. It does take the trees a long time to produce, but once they do, they produce masses of nuts, that is if you can keep the squirrels from eating them all.

I don't know off hand if I have Carya ovalis, Carya cordiformis and/or Carya tomemtosa. I have a lot of hickories growing here. Like most folks, I prefer the sweet meat of the pecans. The meat in my hickory nuts is smaller and harder to dig out, but are good for baking and adding a bit of crunch to foods.

The high winds last night and this morning have sent nuts everywhere all over the yard. If you want some, I'll gather them up before any insects or the squirrels get to them.

Sorellina... Don't feel bad. Lots of us have had trouble with tomatoes and peppers this year. I have one tomato bush out there that has well over 50 blossoms on it. They been on it for weeks and weeks and darn thing won't make the first tomato. Very frustrating. I feel like I am watching the pot that never boils.

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