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Nov 9, 2014 7:54 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
PIGGIES..... Just a quick review for those that may have forgotten or are newly coming in and haven't read over all the threads here:

Only 8 Oinks per day.
No more than 4 names per post. You can use all 8 oinks at once if it is to different people in a post as long as it is not more than 4 names, nor more than 4 oinks to that one person at a time.

You can put 4 names per post.

I just don't want to see 8 oinks for one person's name in one post. If ya asking for more than 4 packs from the same person other thanTuink, it goes into two posts.

Ok Example of an OK post:

There is no more than 4 names in the post. No more than the 8 oinks for the day. This is correct.

Wilbur Can I oink for Petunia's

May I have some tomatoes Please!

Toss me some of them purple greens if ya would

Oinking and squeeling for
Green Beans

THIS IS A DO NOT DO , ( unless it list for Tuink)... This is a no-no below. There is only one name and 8 items listed.

Toss me some corn
and add some peppers
poke salad

It should look like this, Please! Two posts.

First post:


Toss me some corn
and add some peppers

Second Post
poke salad

The above is the correct way when asking for more than 4 packets from one person at one time. If you want say five or 6 packets from the same person, make two posts, please!

Bolding is type words

Scratch through for if your out of something: Put a [ s ] at the beginning of line and a [ / s]
at the end. No spaces. Will look like this:

3 Tomato ..Beefsteak

Always..... Always... Remember to SAVE YOUR CHANGES . Best to do a couple of changes, hit SAVE MY CHANGES, than do a couple more changes, just to be on the safe side, so you don't loose work.

Don't worry about messing up, we'll help ya through. Thumbs up

Don't be afraid to ask questions at any time.

Keep track of your counts so you don't go over the 100 count. Remember all you Oink from Tuink is part of your 100 count. Everybody being nice and polite will be rewarded with more Oinks later in the swap. Hurray!

Let go of the breath some of you will be holding as you make your first post, with your shaky knees. It will be all right. Group hug Once ya get the first couple of posts under your belt, you'll slide through like grease.

Be polite, have fun, chat and reacquaint, make new friends, fill up on lots of eye-candy as my bacon supply getting low. Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

Danita... Thanks, I'll send ya cmail so maybe you can help me find where my shockwave is at. Confused Blinking Blinking

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