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Nov 9, 2014 6:14 PM CST
Name: Sharon
near Detroit, MI
We went on vacation and left Ahi the cat at home with food and water and 5 litter boxes.
Once home I opened the door expecting Ahi to be LOUDLY telling us we should not have left him alone.
Door opened ... no Ahi, no meow.
"Kitty, kitty, kitty" I call. I hear a couple Meows from the basement. "I'm not coming down, you have to come up here" I tell him. He just Meows a couple more times.
Hubby and I finish unloading and I went to the basement to pet Ahi. I looked and looked and couldn't find him even though he is Meowing the entire time. "John, come down here. I think Ahi is in trouble, I can hear him, but can't find him"

Hubby comes down, goes to the cat's voice and says, " He is in-between the basement walls."

"What!", I say. "What double basement walls?"

Turns out we have a small section of the basement with a double wall. Put there when the builders added on a bow window after the basement was dug. Only a man would know this ... well he did go and see the house as it was being built.

Anyway, we lowered food and water to Ahi right away and then began the JOURNEY OF HIS RESCUE.

After much thought and looking on the web, after talking to a friend who grew up on a farm, and calling the Vet here is what we did.

Took out a tile from the kitchen floor ... located over the double basement walls.
Thumb of 2014-11-09/toomanyanimals/21c5bb
Thumb of 2014-11-09/toomanyanimals/8f6b7b

See Ahi's eyes in between the basement walls? Scary right?
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Put in a board with cloth and ladder rungs (made from tape)into the hole for Ahi to climb. Added food at each rung to entice him. Didn't work.
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Decided to Noose him (vet said it should be ok.) We needed a 10 ft pole. Used one of those tree trimmers, took the saw off and made a noose. Hubby LOVED this idea. Big Yellow Grin
Thumb of 2014-11-10/toomanyanimals/278794
We (ME) crushed wet cat food onto the noose to get him interested. We noosed his mouth a couple times. *Blush* Finally, success! Hurray!

We had one hungry cat and one messy kitchen.
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Kitchen floor is fixed, hole where Ahi fell through into the basement walls is now gone. Hurray!

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