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After 13 years online, is scheduled to be shut down. Please make sure you have the contact information for all your friends, and that you download whatever content you want from this site.

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Nov 10, 2014 1:36 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

Kyla... No, no email addy. To get your cmail addy just click on your name in the post above. It will show your profile. In the right hand corner of the page it will say send cmail to Kyla. Click on it and copy the url. That is your cmail addy.

If you can't get it don't worry about it, we'll put it in for you. Big Grin

Just whatever you do, everytime you make a change, add on, edit, whatever , hit SAVE MY CHANGES! Thumbs up

To post a pic:

Ok to post a pic.

Go to your database entry.

Look at bottom and click on Add a Picture

A screen with pop up. Give your picture a name

Than click the Browse button. Find where you have the picture and click open.

Than Click the Preview button. It won't start downloading the picture til you hit the Preview button.

Than just sit and wait for it too load. If it is a big pic may take a few minutes to show as it will be downsized to show on cubits.

Once the picture is loaded it will show you the preview and than tell you to click POst if you want to add it.

Sure it is ok to make changes to your Wish List and to your haves list. If you go to databases and click on SEE ALL ENTRIES that shows you all the databases so far. Click on the letter S and find me Starlight. You can look down my have's list and see where I am adding as I get things ready. I just put a date when I added something new.

When I run out of something I'll either put out or delete off or strike through. Choice is yours. Once we get going to night, you'll see too how some folks update their databases.

Adding Kyla to the Participant's list

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