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Dec 5, 2014 12:50 AM CST
Name: Promise
Zone 7a Tennessee
Pinging Cans, Dehydrators, 1,200 lbs of tomatoes, Cat Thyme, Kudzu.... wow, it hasn't been that long since I checked the thread but y'all sure move right along!

Kudzu bugs, I didn't know those are these awful things everywhere!!!!!! Oh I hate them!!!!! I'm to the point now where I will catch it and throw it out the door so it doesn't find a crack to live. What's the deal with masses of ladybugs? Some of them bite! The south has some things to get use to, warm weather, sunny days, many rainbows all year, southern hospitality, home cooking and insects. Lots and LOTS of insects!!! I seen some crazy things this year.

Saddleback Caterpillar - It was on a Canna leaf stinging me!
Potato Caterpillar with Parasites!
Red Velvet Ant - Which is actually a wasp!
Let's not forget red ants! Oh my stars!!!! They'll mess you up!

When we first moved here, we were removing the nasty, neglected pond that was here and hubby was using a Bobcat. He had rolled the Bobcat over a Yellow Jacket nest. The bucket was stuck on what he was trying to demolish. He was stuck in the Bobcat while they tore him up. I was ready to climb up and pull him out, when he got the bucket to go down and he jumped out and ran. In moments I was rushing him to the ER. He now carries an epi-pen.

I love bees, even tho I accidentally got stung by a bumble bee this summer, but it was a mistake. I didn't see it there. It's those darn wasps, I hate!!! They will chase you and sting again and again and again! Which brings me to my next southern insect I could live without.

Mahogany Wasps! I had one fly up under my skirt when I first moved here and I have no idea what was happening. It felt like I was on fire all over. I was on my child's playground at school, so it's not like I could really investigate. It must have been a sight to see me dancing that jig. I had a baby with me at the time, so I couldn't just run off....

Ah, the price we pay for a few days of snow. I'm telling you, walking to school in the snow, in the snow belt of Michigan, just ruined me for liking snow.

Thank you all again for the most excellent swap. It was better than any romance novel! I'm certainly smitten and rubbing my piggy belly. Lovey dubby

Promise I tip my hat to you.

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