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Dec 6, 2014 12:20 AM CST
Name: Danita
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On the individual seed packets you really only need the plant's name (both scientific & common is preferred, if known) and the year the seed was collected or purchased if it's commercial. Putting your "screen name" aka "username" is really helpful for those receiving oinked-for seed. I personally prefer it, but I don't believe it's a rule. People may want to add it for the non-USA piggies, though, since their seed often gets repackaged to save on postage. However, it's really important for any seed sent in for Part 2-One for One swap so that you are less likely to get your own seed back. Ask how I know! Hilarious!

I personally wouldn't put my last name or home address on anything (unless it is something that Ella has requested that she needs.) The piggies have all been good piggies so far, but you just never know. No need to change anything as long as you're comfortable with it, I guess. I may just be a little paranoid. Hilarious!

You asked: "Should I be putting the recipient piggy's name on each [seed] packet? "
No, there is no need to do so, but you can if you want. Just make sure that the seed packets are securely sealed inside the piggy's baggie and that the index card you're using has the piggy's name very clearly written in large letters.

I would note which seeds are gifts.

A very important bit of info that Ella needs on each piggy's baggie (written on the index card in your case) is the number of "oinks" that are included in the bag. This is seed that was requested by the receiving piggy and not gifts. I think she also prefers that you include the number of "gifts" as well on a separate line. If this is forgotten, then Ella has to open each baggie and count the number of seed packs inside and that is not a nice thing to do to her! Make sure the "oink" tally is clearly written in large letters and numbers. Such as:

To: Weedwacker

Total Oinks = 11

Gifts = 2

Regarding the "extras," I usually just put them in one bag and include a big note on bright paper that say something like " 33 packs of extras included, Please only use 10 packs for Part2 and send me 10 packs back, use the remaining 23 however you need." She may prefer that they be packed differently or separately, but she'll have to answer that. To be on the safe side, you may want to pack the number of packs that you want to use in the Part2 in one bag with a note. Then put the extras that you just want to give away in another bag with a note. I think the most important part is clearly labeling everything.

You know how bleary-eyed you can get after staying up for way too long working on a project, like cramming for a test, finishing up wrapping Christmas presents on Christmas Eve night or similar? I figure that poor Ella likely gets that way after staring at and shuffling thousands of seed packs for days on end. If all the important info is very clearly written in large letters and numbers, then she can process it at a glance. That can only make her job a little easier. ^_^

If you need any other bit of info, let me know and I'll help if I can. Big Grin

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