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Dec 6, 2014 7:04 AM CST
Name: Danita
GA Zone 7b/8
Ella has more details at the top of this thread, but for any new piggies, here is my version of what needs to be done before mailing your box to Ella.

C-mail your Mailing Address to Ella ASAP ( if not done already for this year)

Update your Incoming and Outgoing lists in your Database after the swap closes on December 10th or before.

Keep everything up and listed until Ella gives you the okay (generally after everyone receives their piggy box back.)

Pack Up Your Individual Packs of Seed

Use small plastic baggies, paper envelopes, etc. but be sure that whatever you use is secure and doesn't allow seeds to wriggle out of small cracks.

Some general labeling notes:
Sharpie marker on plastic bags rubs off and smudges. By the time people receive the seed, they may no longer be able to read it.
Be sure labels are inside baggies or securely attached.

Label each individual Seed Packet with :

1) Plant's Name (both scientific & common is preferred, if known. Scientific is better than common.)
2) Year the seed was collected or purchased if it's commercial
3) Including your "username" is preferred (see notes in following "Parts" sections)


Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph'
Texas Sage
2014 commercial
(from Danita)

Feel free to include sowing directions or any other useful information, but it's not required.

How to prepare your box to mail to Ella:

Part 1 - Oinking Swap

Prepare an individual Baggie or Envelope for each Piggy that is receiving seed from you.
Make sure that whatever you use is secure and won't dump the seed packs out during shipping or sorting.

Label each receiving Piggy's Baggie/Envelope with:

1) Piggy's Name (written clearly and large)
2) Number of Total packs of Oinked-for Seed (written clearly and large)
3) Number of Total packs of Gift Seed
4) Including your "username" is helpful (but not required,) as long as you use smaller letters and include "from" so it doesn't get confused with the receiver's name


To: Starlight1153

Total Oinks = 12

Gifts = 3

(from Danita)

Your labels can be hand-written or printed, plain or decorated, as long as the vital information above is easily visible and read (no illegible or microscopic handwriting, please.)

Fill each Piggy's Baggie with requested seed. Be sure to double-check that everything requested has been included. Printing out a copy of your "Outgoing" database section to use as a checklist can be really helpful for this.

Part 2 - One-to-One Swap
(if participating)

In a separate bag (be sure to clearly label it "Part 2") :

Send 1 - 100 packets of seed.

No more than 3 packs of seed per individual type.
(example: 3 packs Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph', 3 packs Salvia coccinea 'Forest Fire', etc)

No tree, shrub, true weed or universally undesirable seeds.

Label Seed Packets as mentioned above.
Be sure to include your "username" if you want to lessen the chance of accidentally getting your own seeds back.

Place all seeds in the "Part 2" Bag & Make sure the Bag is labeled with "Part 2" and the Number of Seed Packs included:

Part 2
Total seed packs = 37

Part 3 - Bottom of the Barrel
(if participating)

In a separate bag (be sure to clearly label it "Part 3") :

Send any number of seed packs.

Try to avoid sending tree, shrub, true weed or universally undesirable seed. Use your common sense here.

Label Seed Packets as mentioned above.
Including your "username" is helpful if receivers have questions, but is no guarantee that you won't accidentally get your own seeds back.

Extra Seeds:

For extra seed that you want to give freely with nothing in return, basically just follow the "Part 3" directions but label the bag as "Extras" and include a short note saying that you don't want anything in return.

Pack into your Box:

1. Piece of paper with your Real Name and your Mailing Address.
2. POSTAGE - send $7.00 in the form of cash, stamps, check or U.S. Postal Money Order (the only type of M.O. accepted.)
3. Part 1 Seeds
4. Bag of Part 2 Seeds (optional)
5. Bag of Part 3 Seeds (optional)
6. Bag of Extra Seeds (optional)

Use a Box or Bubble Envelope to pack your seeds.

Be sure to tape your package securely as packages tend to get abused in shipping at this time of year.

Mail box to Ella using the address she has c-mailed to you.

Important! You must get Delivery Confirmation with Tracking!
It costs less than a dollar and can be a life-saver.

Priority Shipping automatically comes with Delivery Confirmation with Tracking at no additional cost, plus you can use the free Priority boxes and envelopes.

Make sure to keep the receipt with the tracking number safe & C-mail the number to Ella immediately.

Then breathe a sigh of relief that your box is on its way & start tapping your hooves in anticipation of its return! Hurray!

Ella, if I left out anything important or made anything more confusing, let me know. ^_^

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