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Dec 7, 2014 4:11 AM CST
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Whew... Whew... and Whew....

Finally back on line. I started trying at about 5 yesterday evening. After numerous tries and ready to through puter out the backdoor, got on for a couple minutes and been trying on and off since then til now. Shouldn't complain though since it for once magically stayed on the entire BF time. Shocked me for sure, but was so glad.


Thanks for posting all that. I'm copying it and sending it in a cmail to myself so I don't lose it for next year.

Right before I went off line, I was like oh..oh.. I knew I had forgotten something important and that was package count, but so many were already packed and had everything done, I said Oh well. I was so sick myself when posting that and I wasn't gonna have folks go back and do it. Plus with so many helper pioggies this year and some who are doing their very first swaps, and more injured piggies than I have ever seen, I didn't want to put more work or stress anybody out if I could help it.

*Blush* *Blush* *Blush* Well, I try and not send ya back the seed ya sent, but it don't always happen that way. Oppsies do happen. *Blush*

With hundreds and hundreds of seed all piled up in piles to sort for PArt 2 and 3 some of the packs all slide together or accidentally get a couple get mixed when rooting through them to find something I knew I saw for somebody.

Sometimes too, I don't notice that say I grabboing a seed of so and so's part 2 and it a seed that coming back around from you that didn't get used or there was extra of and it will go flying into your bucket.

From Oct when Piggy Swap announced it coming that starts things off, by the time we get to the end, there hardly an available space left. My bed spends months covered in seed, I sleep on the couch, or if biotter cold, I share the bed with about a foot and a half wide for me and hope I don't snort of a seed during the night, every available counter, table plus added tables I set up, are used. One section gets used for piling all the empty boxes and envies sent in in case I need to double check addy on outside to inside and they stay til usually a couple of weeks after folks have packages to make sure everything ok. I have 60 never used outside, new 2 gallon black plastic pots all lined up in another section that is everybody individual piggy bucket. Besides all the piggy seed I have my drying seed all strewed out, plus all my seed that I going through for oinks , plus what I toss for wishes. I have one path from one end of this trailer to the other for almost 4 months sometimes 5 while I wait for boxes to arrive.

It a crazy time for sure during Piggy Swap, but it all worth it in the end when folks get their packages and start doing a happy piggie jig. Is the piggy swap a perfect swap. Nope, we have hicups here and there. Maybe something will get missed here or there An interesting one? For sure!

One of the biggest kicks I get is seeing how all the seed comes in. There are some really creative minds when it comes to packaging seed. So many different personalities of folks in this swap and so many different ways of labeling and packaging. Each packet of seed that comes in has each persons individual sytle and personality in it and on it. Think it what helps to bring us all closer together as friends and a family unit of sorts. Group hug

Lebug If you want to remember who you got a seed from , just leave your incoming list up. Then you'll have a name and can cmail the folks. Most folks, unless they leaving open all year for trades with other folks do generally delete them when I say they can. Other wise they have unknown folks that may be cruising the net , stop in and send them cmails over and over, bugging them and asking for seed that gone or no longer available. Or you can copy and paste all your sections of your database to a word doc or send in a cmail to yourself and that way you will have it. Big Grin

Personally, and this just my opinion, but I think it help to form stronger friendships and folks gettign to know one another better, when they do cmail the other folks for growing help or information about the seed they got. It's like having a quick cup of coffee together and a friendly chat.

me, if I don't know something about a seed or have trouble growing it, I enjoy coming here and asking. I enjoy learning and reading about the many different likes or dislikes, methods and just all kinds of info that folks toss out. Gives you a chance to not only find out from a real person how something may grow for them but also so many tidbits that you can't find on the net. For example just like how some folks may love the taste of some veggie and others not. How some folks prepare that veggie and how others in such a different way.

So many methods folks have too. I think it great, if one way don't work for you, you can try another way. It's like a giant scientific seed starting lab. Hilarious!

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